Sunday, July 24, 2011

Something different

Since I had been making polymer clay jewelry for several weeks, I needed a break so I thought I would try something new.

 Here you have a bird and a reminder to laugh and wish...

 Here we have a close up of the above sculpted and hammered bird...

 Here we have a cat with his back turned... he's about the size of an ATC, suitable for framing...

Here is my version of a horse...I'm thinking of framing him as a gift for a equine loving friend...

Are you amazed by my metal working skills?  You had NO IDEA I could do this?  Settle down kids, it all an illusion. It's Fake, It's Faux.  It's my attempt at making copper/bronze art out of polymer clay.  Yep, it's all polymer clay.

I used scrap clay and mixed up a very nice dark green.  Then I either sculpted, rubber stamped, or cut with an exacto knife the main image.  I then used metallic powders in gold, copper and silver.  It was all experimental but turned out to be lots of fun.

After having all this fun with polymer clay, I thought I needed to paint something. So I got out my paints and canvas boards and tried all week to think outside of my usual box, to do something artsy, but it just wasn't much fun.  I felt frustrated and not talented and that is NOT why I do art.  So I put away the paints and cleaned up the art table and got out my clay again.   My sister reminds me that polymer clay is what I always run back to if I've got a creative block.

What do you do when your creative juices are evaporating from the heat?  Do you sit back and wait?  Do you find inspiration in some of the thousands of books and magazines that we all have? Do you sort through buttons or fabrics? What is your favorite way to get back in your own personal groove?  Inquiring minds want to know.

Well, that's it for today. Hope you like my faux metal work. Try to stay cool and happy. Kiss your loved ones and dance a jig.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

New art...

Not much to post today. It is hot and humid here in the Star City and other than the fitness center and running errands we are staying close to home. 

We finally got most of our digital pictures sorted and had prints made...2100 to be exact.  It's going to be fun going thru them and making tabs and organizing.  Some of them are so funny that the guys who developed them must have thought we were some wild and crazy kids. 

I did get some painting in.  I found an old snapshot that my brother-in-law took in a Florida many years ago.  I still need to touch up the water to get the illusion of depth around several of the trees,  and a horticulture friend wants me to add more knees to them just for fun.  I went on and signed it anyway, but one of the fun things about acrylic is the ability to fru-fru around with the painting even though it is dry.

I got several books on painting from the library today and I am hoping that I will be able to use them to loosen up my style some.  I always tend to go toward a more realistic style of painting, but sometimes I just want to dab and splash and scrape and blob.  We'll see if I can let go long enough to do something outside my little comfort zone.

Well, that's it for today. I hope all of you have happiness in your lives. Enjoy life and give everyone a hug from me.