Monday, March 28, 2011

Oh Where, Oh Where Can She Be.....

I know, I know.  I cannot believe that it has been almost two weeks since I posted anything.  That is really unusual for me.  What am I up to?  Well, I'm still working out and eating healthy.  I did have a one pound gain last week, but I'm comfortable in saying I've lost 15 pounds since November.  I am still working on my needlepoint Matisse, and it is going to be beautiful.  One funny thing though, with all my honking about being age appropriate in fashion and such, I did something that really is fun, but not age appropriate.

I polished my fingernails with an OPI pink and used Shatter top coat on them.  It is so cool.  It dries very quickly and the polish pulls apart from itself, giving a crackle look.  This would look good with a nice red polish or even blue to mimic a natural stone look.  This was my first attempt, but I'm pleased.

I know this is for the young, hip crowd, but at least my ta-ta's aren't showing and I'm not tottering around on six inch heels. My hubby was out of town for 36 hours and I had to keep myself occupied, so the funky manicure and a CSI marathon did the trick.

I also put together a quick pair of earrings.  Using turquoise turtles from my stash and some flat beads I came up with this little design...

There are beads underneath the flat beads, but I was too trifling to take the time to get a better photo.

In the "do you remember when" portion of our program, I will introduce you to (or remind you of) an old first aid potion that was very popular when my sister and I were youngins.  Our parents used this stuff for everything and last week when I was looking for an antiseptic for a painful hangnail, I picked up tea tree oil which has a smell that reminded me so much of that liquid of days gone by...APINOL.

It is a pine oil derivative and you cannot use a band aid with it, so we always got a nice plump gauze bandage with real adhesive tape around it.  Great for show and tell the next day at school.  Well, now that we have the technology to find anything on the web, I did a search and found out that it is still made and still available locally.

It is now available in a spray bottle, but if you order online you can still get the old fashioned glass bottle from our youth.  This is an awesome product and they have a pretty nice little website.  If you don't have time to read all the testimonials and such I will post an interesting little blurb from their page.

Apinol not gone

About 15 years ago, Ms. Sharafi of Botetourt County (which is where we grew up) sat on a hot curling iron after a shower. A few days later, when Sharafi saw her grandmother Pat Kelley, also of Botetourt, Kelley dabbed Apinol on the still-raw wound, but as a precaution took Sharafi to the emergency room at Lewis-Gale Medical Center. Apinol did its magic on Sharafi's sore behind, because, after the usual long wait for care, Sharafi was told by the doctor she had scabbed over and was healing with no further treatment required, Kelley said. 

Apinol is a first-aid antiseptic with a durable Roanoke Valley following. A versatile pine oil-based product, Apinol was rubbed on the sore joints of Norfolk and Western railroad workers from early on. It is still in medicine cabinets in Western Virginia, and still available, though some people mistakenly think the company is out of business.

Kelley's granddaughter, Roanoke native Cindy Simmons, bought the 102-year-old Apinol company in 2002 from its third owner, to prevent its closure, as she tells the story. She does business from Trussville, Ala., and credits bulk orders from Roanoke Valley retailers with 45 percent of her sales.

A slightly sticky clear fluid with a memorable odor, it is reputed to ease pain, repel bugs, prevent infection and soothe burns - even to sensitive areas.
You can buy Apinol at Roanoke retailers including Williamson Road Pharmacy and Crouch's Pharmacy, also of Williamson Road, and online.

So that is a little blast from the past.  We also used Blair red salve and drank Fizzies.  They were little flavored tablets that effervesced in water and had flavors like grape and cherry.  If you are in search of old time products a great site is Vermont Country Store.  Now that's a fun site to browse around on.

So I guess that's all from me for several days, and even though I don't usually spoil surprises, I know my favorite sister is reading this, so yes, I got an extra bottle of Apinol and will be sending it to you later this week. 

Don't be a stranger, let me hear and Y'all come back soon.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Age Appropriate?

Yes my little ones, I am back this week with another age related post.  Last time I was in a tiff about actors choosing roles that I don't think they are suited for. (I'm sure Hollyweird has taken note of said post and is making corrections in casting as we speak).  This weeks' rant is going to hit a lot closer to home.  If you are that 65 year old gal that I saw in the grocery store wearing your version of this snazzy outfit...I'm talking to you.

In my opinion, it's bad enough that Fergie, at age 35+ still thinks she can pull it off.  Pa-leeze don't subject me to old ladies wearing skin tight jeans and spike heels while doing their grocery shopping.
Ok, ok, I get it.  You are only as young as you feel, blah, blah, blah.  Well, you are also as silly as your clothing choices. Just because you fit into these things doesn't mean you should EVER wear them.

Ladies, it's ok to feel good about yourself.  It's ok to still be a hottie.  It's even ok to still think about "you know what" at your age.  But put together an outfit that says all this in a way that actually says all that, and more. Not one that says "I'm a doddering old crow, who obviously doesn't realize that the junior department is for juniors".

I am not saying let yourself go.  Well, not constantly anyway.  We all need our moments of comfort. But I think that sometimes we do need to rethink our wardrobe, as well as hair and make up choices as we age. I stopped coloring my hair, and it looks Fabulous.  I also stopped wearing shoes that hurt my feet. So don't let yourself go, let yourself grow and try to make it as graceful as possible.

So that's my rant for this week.  Those of you who know me, know that I'm not a fussy, cantankerous old so-and-so.  I just sometimes have to say my piece.  Have I finally reached the age where I can say what I want?   If so... don't get me started on women with baby voices.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

I kept my word...

I said I would be back soon with a new needlepoint project to discuss and also give you my two cents worth on what needs to be fixed in the world.  Onward.  While I am in my "I don't want to paint" phase, I am doing needlework.  After doing butterflies until I'm ready to cocoon myself, I decided to do something different.  So I got out my art books and my permament markers and my blank needlepoint canvas and came up with this.

I chose Matisse, not because he is my favorite artist, but because of the simplicity of the design in the piece Dance.  I felt that I could reproduce it in fiber relatively easily. There are several companies that have this painting as a needlepoint kit, but that would have involved waiting.  Yep, I would prefer to grab the markers and draw it out myself to waiting for an order to be sent to me. I had all the supplies necessary and lots of floss that needs to be used, so that's what is happening. 

I used blank needlepoint canvas, cut it so there was a sizable border and positioned the canvas over the image in the book.  If you are using a library book, or a picture that you don't want to get dirty, I would suggest making a color copy of the art. Then I took PrismaColor markers, which are waterproof and fairly permanent, and basically traced over the picture.  I am using three basic colors with a few darker details here and there.  I hope to show you the final project soon.

Now, on to my rant about what bugs me in the outside world.  Two things come to mind immediately.  One is the current trend for actors who were child stars to continue to act in roles that would be better served by someone younger.  Topher Grace is in a new retro movie where he plays someone in college and does all the things that going to college in the 1980's entailed.  Uhhhh, Topher grace is 32 years old.  I don't know if he is supposed to be college aged or not, but I don't even want to find out.

Just like the commercial that I just saw for Pro Active acne medicine...Jennifer Love Hewitt is the spokesperson. Talking about how awful it is to go on that first date and have a breakout.  Talking about how great it is to have clear, SEXY, skin.  Ummm, once again...Love Hewitt is 32 years old.  Is it just me?  Have I become jaded? Do I just not get it?  Seeing Love Hewitt spin around and toss her hair and tell me how sexy my skin will be if I use this product, just puts me off.  Now don't get me wrong, I know that lots of folks still have blemishes after 30, but put on a business suit, or a classic outfit of jeans and a blazer if you are obviously in your 30's hawking acne cream.  I scoff at her with her silly giggles and jiggles trying to sell something.

Next on my list of gripes.  The hubs and I went to a local, hole in the wall, night spot to listen to a friend play a gig.  It is somewhat of a country type bar, with all the usual stereotype regulars eyeing us, as though we had no right to even enter.  The smoke almost choked us as soon as we did walk in.  Since I'm one of those dreaded "non-drinkers", I usually have DH order me a soft drink.  Last night I decided that a Perrier or sparkling water would be my choice.  The bartender acted like hubby was from another planet when he requested the water.  He sort of leaned over the bar and bared his teeth and said "you want what?".  When hubs finally convinced him that the wife did indeed want water and did they have any bottled water, he said "yeah, we got Kroger water in a bottle".  Actually the water was very, very cold and I enjoyed it immensely.  The band was pretty good, but we shot out of there at the first chance.  When we got home we had to air out our coats to rid them of the smoke.  Yikes. Combine that with the craziness that was the convenience store where we purchased gas and it was quite a night to be remembered.  I think sometimes you need to be reminded of why you don't go out at "the darktime".  Reminded we were, and we got back home by eight p.m.  I can only imagine what goes on when the serious lunacy gets started.

Well, that's it for now.  Hopefully I wont be such a slacker about posting.  We are still hitting the gym on a regular basis and we have each lost weight. If you want to check out my other blog, it's got the current workout posted for your reading pleasure.

So have a great weekend, and watch out for all thoses crazies out there.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Hi there!

Hey friends and neighbors, just a quick shout out to let you know that I'm still around.  I'm working on a post, but in the mean time, just wanted to stop by and say HI!

Really, I'll be back very soon with a pretty cool needlepoint project.  Until then, take care and enjoy your day.