Sunday, September 10, 2017

Whatever happened to...

Better safe than sorry?

I know that I touched on this on my Facebook page, but I will also elaborate here. In my opinion, when you choose not to adhere to an official mandatory evacuation due to bad weather, than you should be prepared to accept the consequences, whatever they may be.

With the destruction that was seen (and visually proven by many sources, no fake news here) during Hurricane Harvey in Texas, why would someone/anyone think that one or all of the following three hurricanes (Irma, Jose, and Katia) will fool all the meteorologists this time and you will be fine.

My late husband and his cronies, in their youth, had hurricane parties in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and rode out the storms, supposedly several times. My husband, from his early twenties until age forty, was also a functioning alcoholic and drug taker. I can see where his bad decisions were fueled by substance abuse.

In my opinion, if you are a drunk, or a druggie, or a criminal that doesn't want to be involved with city officials, you are probably not going to listen to any authority when it comes to personal safety.

If you are not any of these things, but are dirt poor and cannot afford to go anywhere, there are shelters set up...just for folks like you. There are shelters that will also take your pets.

If you are just a dumb, ignorant, knuckle dragging, abusive &!@&head that hands your children guns and tells them to open up the front door a crack and shoot anyone that comes on your property, several things can happen. One or all of you will probably die in the storm.  If your freakishly long-armed kids do manage to survive the hurricane/flood/blackout/whatever without shooting a sibling or the family sow, they will probably grow up to be just as stupid as you are and defend this backwoods mentality or hate you for the rest of their lives and often go into town to beg for someone to take them out of their situation. They will most likely marry very young (probably at age 14) to the first available person just to get away from You, Maw and your tobaccy juice and homemade shine.

I hate to sound mean, but my G-d, people, what the h-e-double hockey sticks is wrong with you? I would rather go and stay in a shelter or with someone I barely know and eat generic wheat thins and drink warm Kroger Warehouse water, than to die or have my pets and kids die from my sheer stupidity. Is human life less important to you than whatever you are staying at home to guard?

If you are Richard Branson and have your own island and mansion with a concrete storm shelter built to withstand a hurricane, then I don't have as much of a problem with this, as he seemed to be at least attempting to make a reasonable and informed decision to stay.  In the event that he and his guests had not survived riding out the storm, I would have felt probably the same way...unsympathetic, yet this would have been uttered with a more British sounding accent.

Call me hateful if you want. I am simply saying don't refuse to evacuate and then expect someone else to risk their life coming to your rescue when you finally realize that you aren't that special. Understand? A storm doesn't pick and choose, so if you think that you are special enough, for a Hurricane to miraculously leave you and your property untouched, well you just might be surprised.

One final thing, if you do survive, I really hope that some of you will finally say, "I cannot believe how irresponsible I was to do that" and that you learned some sort of lesson. I doubt that will happen. You will most likely become a victim of something..."storm survivor shaming" or some other made up crap like that.

Sigh. Uncle. I give up.

Please don't repost any portion of this, I'm old and I don't want the PC police to knock on my door.