Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Lucy and Ethel or Thelma and Louise ???

I'm not sure which famous duo we resembled most, but my sweet friend Diann took me to lunch yesterday. We dined at Ruby Tuesday's, a first for me, and it was quite delicious. Salad bar and mini burgers with iced tea. Then we wheeled around the mall and went to Barnes and Noble, where she bought me this super book, Creative Embellishments by Sherrill Kahn. She was quite right when she said it seemed like just the book for me. I have already sent DH to the store for suggested supplies that, believe it or not, I didn't have.

Diann was at my mercy yesterday, because not only did I want to ride her around in our new car, but I also wanted her to see the house. Poor gal, she had to look at my jewelry, my vintage photos, my crazy stash of supplies and my work space. Hubby was working on his new video and she got a sneak preview of that, plus he played obscure records for her and showed her his collections of vinyl and such. By the time I took her back to her car, it was 6:30 pm and neither one of us even realized it. Even though she says she is a bit shy and I hadn't been out with a friend for lunch for probably over a year, we both did ok. We chatted and giggled and ate and drank coffee and read books and talked and... well, you get the picture. I had made her one of my little pillow dolls and she tucked it into her shirt and took her along for the fun. I also made sure she left with some little things to remember us by, DH gave her a book and I kept shoving crazy things like painted wooden fish and a little decorated gourd, into her hands. Yikes, I hope her new hubby, Jon, doesn't think we went overboard. She also made me the sweetest card from them wishing me many happy returns. Since this is such a lengthy post today, I won't post any pictures until later, but I did want to let everyone know what happened when the two of us got together. Later, folks!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

It was a great day!

I know you all are just chomping at the bit to see my presents, so here they are. The watch and the ring were early presents. My hubby surprised me with this book that I had mentioned in passing, (and sticking to our budget) didn't get.

After giving me a very sweet card and the book, he told me we were going to the movie. I had been laughing over the previews for Baby Mama and knew it was coming out on Friday, so that's where we headed.

Popcorn and drink round out the movie experience, (I even got in free). I got a real kick out of the film. I think it may have been a bit too much of a chick-flick for DH, but I thought some of the "girl-humor" was a hoot.

Later in the evening, we went to our favorite Japanese steak house. After a lovely dinner and a free piece of cheesecake, we made our way home.

I was too full to do much of anything except collapse on the couch. It was a great day and once again, I want to thank all my friends for all their sweet greetings and I am looking forward to my lunch date with Diann on Tuesday. I guess after that I will have to go back to the daily grind, but I have milked this for all it was worth, stretching it to well over a week.

Next week I hope to be doing lots of art, so maybe I will have something interesting to post in that regard.

As usual, try to keep us posted with what's going on in your worlds, as we love seeing your ideas, your dreams and your lives. It's what friends do!!

That's all for now. We'll talk soon.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Misty Morning

I took this shot yesterday morning. I love occasional early morning fog. You can just start imagining the stories that go with a picture like this. I'll bet if anyone saw me in my gown taking the picture, they wondered what my story was !!

Another thing I love to do is arrange silk flowers. While doing some spring cleaning last week, I realized I needed to replenish my arrangements. When we were furniture shopping, I saw a lovely art flower arrangement on a table in one of the stores. The price on it was $199.00. It was a silk arrangement in a clear glass container with the clear resin used to look like water. Well, I am such a frugal thing, I said I can duplicate this arrangement for much less than that. Hubby and I went to Michael's and I got what seem to be the identical flowers. Red and yellow silk poppies, along with some additional greenery that looks like eucalyptus leaves. I was actually looking for a greenery similar to dusty miller, but they didn't have any. This one is my second attempt at making a similar arrangement. I really didn't like my clear vase version, it just didn't go with my decor, came out being too formal. Since Hubby and I collect colored glassware, I decided to use one of our blue vases and I think I like the result.

twenty dollars worth of silk flowers

My take on the artist's arrangement

Click in on this shot and take note of the monkey art on my mantle. This is a monkey that I drew and then wood burned for my hubby, one year for his birthday. Monkey is one of my pet names for him, so I am always looking for monkeys for him. He has monkey magnets, a monkey bobble head, monkey postcards and a sweet Momma and Baby Monkey on his desk. You just gotta love monkeys.

Speaking of monkeys, has anyone seen Escape to Chimp Eden? It is another of the shows that I watch on Animal Planet. It is such a great reality show. I got almost as attached to these primates as I did to the Meerkats. Don't get me started on these little critters. Their stories really touch me. I'm such a sap anyway. (That means I will probably cry before the end of the show).

Well that's all for now, I think I'll go make a cup of tea and see what I can get into. Have a good rest of the day and keep me posted on how your days are going. Ta, Ta, friends.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Freak Out

......picture this (especially those of you who know me)...

I'm in my workout gear, which includes my always present Flashdance t-shirt, doing dishes... Listening to my jams... Hear comes Chic doing LeFreak!!! Suds are a-flyin, white rubber gloves a-waving!! I'm boogieing to my favorite dance music-Disco. There you have it. Take a listen and see if you can stay in your seat.

Later Babies!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Remembering the victims

I really thought that after one year, I would be able to post about this without crying, but when I went in on this Virginia Tech Site, the tears started to flow.

One of my mother's brothers was a VPI (Tech) alumni. He received an excellent education at Tech and went on to be a successful tax accountant. When we were children, he took my brother to all the Tech games. He was proud to be a Hokie and we felt like Hokies, too. Unfortunately, this beloved uncle died (much too young) before he could encourage us kids to go to Tech . Someone might say that I didn't actually lose anyone in the Virginia Tech Massacre, but they would be wrong. We all lost when this happened. Even the parents of the one that caused this. I feel so sorry for all the families involved. I show my remembrance by wearing the school colors whenever I can. It's the least I can do for Uncle Bud.

Well, that being said, I will continue in a somewhat lighter mode. I don't know if I have mentioned that my hubby plays bluegrass on Saturdays. For his birthday, my sister sent him an electric "upright" bass. He usually plays an electric rock bass, sitting down with a strap around his shoulder. He finally decided to break out the Pace Bass last weekend, but it wasn't easy standing up for 4 hours. This is the reason that we went shopping yesterday for a swivel bar stool for him to use when he plays. He got a really nice one and I will try to take a picture of him the next time he plays. While we were in the furniture store, he suggested an impulse item.....a new sofa!!! I love it. They even delivered it the same day. We picked out one that is slightly smaller than the one we had and it makes our living room look so much larger. The only problem is now, we need a new coffee table. You know how that goes.

Well, not much more to say, except keep doing art. Never be discouraged by comparing your abilities, or your style or anything else to other artists. I believe we are all artists. We are all individuals and this individuality can show through in our art. Don't make only what you think will "sell", make what you like. Try new techniques, and if you don't always have the proper tools, improvise. Who knows what you might come up with. You might invent the next "new thing". Whatever you do, the whole point I'm trying to make is, go ahead and do it!

Me, I'm going to go take the head off of an old Barbie doll and see if I can cut it in half. Wish me luck. Ta, Ta for now.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Just a quick post

Wanted to give a shout out to all my peeps! OK, so I'm being silly. I just wanted to make a quick post to say hello and to show you the finished necklace that I had been working on. I had it on at the library today and Marnie and the other gals liked it. So here it is!

Also, have we talked about Zappos, my favorite online shoe store? I love Skechers , and here is my latest pair. Talk about addictive, I love to look at shoes here. My darling hubby is the one that got me hooked on it, so it's all his fault.

And, another thing, since this is my birthday month, I have to go to the DMV soon to get my permit renewed. I have to take the eye test and yes, I have to wear glasses all the time now. GRRR... so I have that to look forward to.

Hopefully, I will soon get some art done. Our altered art group will be meeting next week. I need something to get me moving in a different direction again. I don't know what I will be doing next, but I think I need to do something sort of weird and dark. Just in time for spring! I can do bright colors and heart shaped faces another day. Let's go Goth for a while. I think I need to remove some doll heads from my stash of thrift store babies. I'm getting ideas. Talk about altered, wait until you see what I'm thinking! Hmmm..... this could get interesting.

Well, hubby just invited me to go the The Coffee Pot to hear some early evening Bluegrass. This should be a hoot. Well, got to go make sure my shows get taped. Talk soon. Ta, Ta.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Sunday and Unmotivated

DH and I are both still in our PJ's and it's evening. We went to the store on Friday instead of today and it's raining and my eyes feel funny that enough reasons to be in pajamas all day?

Ok, now I am taking an opportunity to vent. I try and try and try and never, never get the results I expect with Shrink Plastic. It seems like it would be the perfect product to make light weight charms and other ephemera for altered art. It is just so contrary. I know you "have" to sand it to use colored pencils, so I sand it. You "have" to use pigment ink, so I use it. The ink doesn't dry. How do you cut out shapes when the ink is not dry? Are you supposed to wait over night? That doesn't fit with my plan, usually. Seriously, I have tried about 6 times now and maybe once have I gotten something I was happy with. Do any of you use it? I would post a picture of this last batch I did, but they look like burnt corn flakes. Ok, I'll do it any way. Here goes.

Oh, I did make a picture frame by gluing down recycled items to a board and then putting glue and beads on it in a mosaic fashion. Can you tell what the recycled items are? Here's a clue... this picture frame will hold a picture of Baby Milo in the center area.

Onward. Last week I worked on a dimensional piece of art. I used vintage wooden fish from an old mobile. Glued down beads, glitter, all sorts of things. It's coming along.

Today, in addition to the hateful shrink plastic I made a pendant, or something, using the instructions from this book by Sandra McCall. You use a glob of hot blue and stamp into it. I didn't have the stamp she suggested, so I hand-carved a stamp after I got the book. I think it is going to be really cool.

Well, I don't know if you can tell, but none of these items are quite finished yet. I used to fret and only do one thing until it was exactly the way I wanted it to be. Nope, now I just go from one thing to another and have several things going at once. It's a great way to stay fresh and not get so bogged down with my art, which I tend to do sometimes. This method was suggested several month ago by one of my blog artist buddies. It's really working for me. I really do appreciate the fact that most of the artist that blog are willing to give you tips and hints and to show you their work. It's great and I thank you for it.

Well, Big Brother is on tonight. I am and probably will always be a TV junkie. Sofa Spud, Couch Tater, you call it what you will, I'm it. I started watching television when The People's Choice was a sitcom instead of an award show. I think it was the last season when I saw it, but I do remember the little dog that did this trick of walking with her front legs and dragging her back legs behind her. Do any of you remember that one? The first cartoon I really remember was Woody Woodpecker and my first crush was on Circus Boy, who grew up and went on to become my favorite one of the Monkees.

Ok, enough of that, I am out of here to try to find something yummy to eat on this cloudy evening, so stay warm, and have fun and keep those cards and letters comin'!!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Surprise Present

Hello all, I got a very pleasant surprise yesterday. I had sent my hubby an e-mail about a painting by the awesome artist Michelle Steele being available on eBay. I then forgot about it. You know how that is. Anyway, yesterday when the mail came he handed me a nice sized box and said "your mail is here". We had recently ordered something for the bathroom, so I am expecting (please forgive me, Michelle) a toilet seat. Imagine my surprise when I opened up this beautiful piece of artwork.

I am so happy with it. In fact, I think it looks a lot like me. I have green eyes, and at one time, had jammin' long dark hair. I immediately had him hang it for me, but took it down to take this shot.

I definitely like the folk art look of this piece, but I also love the other, somewhat off-beat art that Michelle does. Check out her website to get a feel for some of her art.

Just wanted to show it off to you and to say thanks again to my hubby. I can't believe he was able to keep this purchase a secret for an entire week. We can't keep secrets, we are just like kids.

Thanks Monkey Man. I wuv you this much.