Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Misty Morning

I took this shot yesterday morning. I love occasional early morning fog. You can just start imagining the stories that go with a picture like this. I'll bet if anyone saw me in my gown taking the picture, they wondered what my story was !!

Another thing I love to do is arrange silk flowers. While doing some spring cleaning last week, I realized I needed to replenish my arrangements. When we were furniture shopping, I saw a lovely art flower arrangement on a table in one of the stores. The price on it was $199.00. It was a silk arrangement in a clear glass container with the clear resin used to look like water. Well, I am such a frugal thing, I said I can duplicate this arrangement for much less than that. Hubby and I went to Michael's and I got what seem to be the identical flowers. Red and yellow silk poppies, along with some additional greenery that looks like eucalyptus leaves. I was actually looking for a greenery similar to dusty miller, but they didn't have any. This one is my second attempt at making a similar arrangement. I really didn't like my clear vase version, it just didn't go with my decor, came out being too formal. Since Hubby and I collect colored glassware, I decided to use one of our blue vases and I think I like the result.

twenty dollars worth of silk flowers

My take on the artist's arrangement

Click in on this shot and take note of the monkey art on my mantle. This is a monkey that I drew and then wood burned for my hubby, one year for his birthday. Monkey is one of my pet names for him, so I am always looking for monkeys for him. He has monkey magnets, a monkey bobble head, monkey postcards and a sweet Momma and Baby Monkey on his desk. You just gotta love monkeys.

Speaking of monkeys, has anyone seen Escape to Chimp Eden? It is another of the shows that I watch on Animal Planet. It is such a great reality show. I got almost as attached to these primates as I did to the Meerkats. Don't get me started on these little critters. Their stories really touch me. I'm such a sap anyway. (That means I will probably cry before the end of the show).

Well that's all for now, I think I'll go make a cup of tea and see what I can get into. Have a good rest of the day and keep me posted on how your days are going. Ta, Ta, friends.


suze said...

Good job on the floral arrangement. I do the same thing. I used to do them profesionally...a fun job.
I can't wait to see what your hubby gets you for your big b-day.

carolyn said...

Hi Susan!
What a beautiful photo you took! Is that your backyard? What's more beautiful to me is that deck even though I can only see a small part of it. I am so jealous!
I would totally do the same thing with the flowers ("I can make that for far less!") Your version is probably better than the $100 one.

be well,

Jill Smith said...

Is your birthday the 25th as mine is as well,

Anonymous said...

Your bouquet is really beautiful!

Tricia said...

lovely susan!

Kims Art said...

It's your Birthday! Crank up the music and lets get this party started. Put down what ever your working on and go and enjoy your day. You own it! It's your day! Get the hubby and go out on that beautiful deck and dance the morning away. I am sending birthday wishes your way, that you will have a year filled with happy times and that the creative juices will flow like water!

LuLu said...

JOYEUX ANNIVERSAIRE, SUSAN! Have a wonderful Bday! As we sing in Quebec here, it is your turn, dear Susan, to let yourself be talked about love... Please send your name and address to pillonh@gmail.com so I can ship your free packet of hollyhock seeds. Have a great weekend! LuLu

mcdc3s said...

Great job on the arrangement. I need to do a summer one too. I did a nice one for fall/winter. I think yours are so cheerful. What a great shot. I love the fog and yes, the picture brings about all sorts of ideas for a storyline.

suze said...

Hope you have a wonderful day and remember age is just a number.

carolyn said...

Just wanted to come back and wish you a Happy Birthday!
Enjoy your special day and CELEBRATE!!!!

Jenn said...

Happy Birthday Susan!!!!!

Fran said...

I'm a few days late but Happy Birthday.