Monday, December 31, 2007

It's New Year's Eve

I have been thinking a lot lately about how much I love my husband. These two pictures are a means of me showing him how special he is to me. This first one is how I imagine we would have looked going out for New Year's as kiddies. He looks so spiffy and I, in my tiara, only have eyes for him.

This next one is a tribute to him and his mommy. They looked so much alike. She passed away eleven years ago and we miss her smile and her sense of humor. She was a great mother-in-law.

There once was a beautiful young woman. She grew up and had a handsome son. She stayed around long enough to show me how to take good care of him and I thank her for it.

I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year. Please stay safe and leave all that partying to the professionals. We usually stay home and watch the ball drop on the telly. (well, not literally on the telly, but that famous event in Times Square) I'm not sure if we will even be able to stay up that late. Either a nap or a big cup of coffee may be in order.

Tomorrow is a new day. Promises and resolutions will be made. That's part of the fun of traditions. In the upcoming year, I want to take even better care of the Hubby and myself and do lots, and lots of art. In February our altered art group will be exhibiting at the library, and I am looking forward to that. Hubby is diligently working on the next episode of Planet Keene and I hope to get back in the work out habit. So, it looks like things are getting off to a good start.

I love having all my friends come and visit me here in blog land and I hope to have tons of interesting things to report and I might add some fun things in the next few weeks. Perhaps a word of the day or a joke or something like that. We all need somewhere to go where we don't have to be so serious. Just remember to keep doing what you love and remember that you are worthy. Follow your dreams and keep it real.

Have a great night and once again, stay safe. We love you and send you New Year's blessings.

See ya next year!

P.S. My darling husband is playing his guitar and singing as I type. What a great way to end the year.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Need New Earrings ?

If you are in a jam and it's New Year's Eve and you don't have any festive baubles, grab the scrap paper, some glitter and your scissors. I made these years ago when I had access to paper samples at the print shop. These are made from Brite Hue paper that I snipped, curled, glued and glittered. The picture doesn't do them justice. They are really snazzy, but you get the idea. It would work on any number of occasions, but I can almost hear that "countdown" whenever I see them.

What do you folks do in a pinch, when you need quick jewelry? Post some shots and show us your ideas.

Well, it's off to read and have some tea. We'll talk soon. Ta, Ta.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

What day is it?

Am I the only one who is confused? Now that I work from home, I get confused as to the day of the week. The holidays really add to that feeling. Now that they are almost over, we can get back on schedule and I will try to keep up. That would be a good resolution, to try to remember what day it is. Anyway...

I am happy with my new art supplies and have already finished several projects. Here is the final version of "Facial Expressions". I envisioned this piece as I was having my facial at the spa. I added some colored circles to convey the warmth of the facial and the feeling of floating that I experienced, though I also felt as if I was actually sinking deeper and deeper... into a relaxed state. When I did my initial drawing, I drew it as if I were giving the facial and I felt so peaceful while I was drawing it, that I knew that I would be pleased with the finished piece and I am.

This piece, that I am calling "Winged Girl", is my first attempt using hands for wings. I want to say thanks to Jean for showing me how beautiful this technique can be. I hope to do more of these girls. This little girl really is a part of me now. It's like when someone looks at a child and remarks, "she's got your hands", because she really does.

This next one, that I am calling "Flower Girl", is painted with acrylic on clay board. This is an unusually smooth surface and I'm not certain how I feel about it. When I painted her, I couldn't see what she was looking at, but I looked up and saw an abstract floral that I did about 10 years ago and decided to give her one of those flowers. I was trying to make the background appear as wallpaper, but it seems to look like there is something rising from the floor instead. Oh, well, if all of our art were perfect, it wouldn't inspire as much thought.

Well, those are three of the things that I have done this week. I guess I am one of those people that likes instant gratification. I really wish that I had the patience to start a long term project, that takes weeks to complete, but I just can't. It's like I feel a push to get the idea out of my brain and onto the paper, or board, or whatever I am using . It's like I might lose it, if I don't do it right then. I do put a lot of thought into the piece before I ever pick up my pencils to sketch it out and sometimes I look at that sketch for a while, but once I am ready to put it in motion, I don't want to stop. Also, I take things by spurts. This time last year, I was doing nothing but jewelry and about five years ago, I did nothing but make polymer beads. Now I feel that I must draw and paint again. I am also going to be using a lot of vintage photos this year. Lots of glue and embellishments also. What a great year it will be.

I want to thank everyone for being so nice and encouraging me about my art and my blog. I wont list everyone, as you know who you are. Any how, thanks again and keep checking in, as new things will be added often. Love y'all for reading and posting, as I do love to read your blogs everyday. Keep up the good works! We'll talk soon.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Greetings, All

Hey folks, I can't think of a lot to say tonight so I thought I would post several pictures. There is nothing that speaks to the artist in us, more than new brushes. According to my fuzzy memory, this portrait of my brother and me was taken in the 1960's. Were we cute or what?

Those new brushes led to this work in progress that I am calling "Facial Expressions". I know it still needs something, I 'm not sure what yet.

Lastly, I took this shot off our back deck. I love this view.

Well, off to read and love on Milo the Cat. Talk Soon. Enjoy howling at the moon.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

My Board Book ( since been edited)

I have a cat in my lap right now, so I can't type too much.

This is what is keeping me from typing. See you soon (my foot is asleep, but I dare not move).

Monday, December 17, 2007

Crazy, Sexy Art

Here is a shot of our group that worked on the board books Saturday. It was a smaller group than usual, due to holiday obligations and the threat of falling weather. I mentioned in a previous post that the theme of the day was "Crazy, Sexy Christmas". Some of us used vintage images of dancers and contortionists, along with copies of vintage Christmas cards, and luscious fibers, glittery embellishments, along with paint and glue (you know the drill). Since most of the board books were to have multiple pages, I don't have pictures yet. We had a ton of fun and look forward to meeting next month to see all the finished pieces when we do "show and tell".

Here is the tree that Marnie made for the library. She lovingly created paper angels with ribbon wings and timepiece faces, except for the topper, and that's her mom. It was so sweet, the picture just doesn't do it justice.

Well, I am off to do more art or maybe help DH with his new episode that is due in January. Time slips up so quickly, how do any of us ever find time to do it all? Can it be that there are less than 10 days left until Christmas? Hang in there friends, remember to take plenty of breaks, and know that it's really not necessary to do it all and it is ok to ask for help from family and friends, they actually want to share in the fun of it all.

We'll talk soon. Ta, Ta.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Revisiting the past

I have never been one to dwell on the past. In fact, one might say I almost avoid thinking about my own past and certainly don't remember large blocks of my early childhood. Maybe that is why finding all these old pictures is having more of an effect on me than I planned on. Those "vintage" photos, meaning anything that I don't remember, don't seem to bother me much...but when my darling, handsome husband found another box of photos in my Grandma's attic yesterday, well several of them really got to me.

I was all ready to sit right down here and blog about my childhood and the things that happened or didn't happen to me and be all mad and resentful. Blessedly, though, I have a sound mind and after meditating and thanking God for all I do have, I got past that.

So, Onward! !! Here is a shot of a scrapbook that I started in 1963, and didn't finish. My thought now, (instead of berating myself for never finishing anything) is what to do with it? Do I finish it or do I stick in a box and put it away? There will be lots of questions like this in the coming months and I really would like input from someone. I am finding so many neat things and I know you chicks and dudes in blog land will have great ideas.

Here is a beautiful painting that my sister did in the 90's from a Christmas Card. I scarfed it up when I found it and have it in my hall. Hope you love it as much as I do.

Well, Let's get ready for our Altered Art meeting at the library. We are doing board books today with the theme of "A Crazy, Sexy Christmas"

I think Marnie, is scared of what we are going to come up with, but I think it will be a hoot. Wish us luck and lots of fun- cutting, pasting and sparkling our day through a new way of looking at the holidays.

We'll talk soon and hopefully will have pictures of board books later.

Monday, December 10, 2007

She's baaaack.......

Well, we are back. Came home to a cold house (heat pump temporarily out), but very glad to be home.

We went to San Diego to see my sister ( we like to celebrate an early Christmas when we are out there), and had a great time. We got to do some touristy stuff , consumed lots of good eats and even indulged in some retail therapy. Here is a shot of me after a yummy dinner at the resort. The food was really great and my, my, my, don't I look happy? If you could see what's on the other side of the camera, you would understand.

Sissy and I went to the Wild Animal Park and I got to feed a giraffe. I am not one to cozy up to something larger than a cat, but I could not refuse. We had a nice time and since my sister is a member of the park, we got to do some special things, such as a behind the scenes tour.

Hubby and I both got soothing facials at a spa, and then, the next day, since I felt he deserved some additional "me" time, I suggested that he stay behind, order room service and watch movies, while we shopped. Part of my Christmas gift was a trip to the Dick Blick retail store in San Diego. I got some great art supplies. I look forward to doing all kinds of art, especially some pieces using the vintage photos I have been finding in my uncle's house. I will soon be posting some of those also. Well, folks, it's great to be back. We are rested and raring to go. Thanks again for all your kind words, stay posted for more news, and as always, we'll talk soon.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Busy, Busy, Busy

Between going back and forth to "The House", trying to get ready for a California trip, meeting with the pet sitter...yikes! I don't have time to do any art or any blogging and DH doesn't even have time to hit the WAH WAH pedal. I do look forward to the new year and being able to get back on schedule. We haven't been taking time to do our exercises (though continued housecleaning is a workout in itself) , our sleep patterns are askew...Hmm, what else can I whimper about. Sorry about that , I guess I am just a little anxious to get back to our normal schedule. My point is this, I may not be able to blog much for the next several weeks, but hopefully I will be back soon with lots of photos, and new ideas and interests. Just remember, we'll talk soon.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

What a weekend...

What a tiring weekend, my husband has been so great- going back and forth (50 miles round trip) to my uncle's house with me and sorting through 40-50 years worth of stuff. This man saved everything that you are "supposed" to save. All his files, bank statements, tax info, Sunday School lessons, every typed sheet for every talk he ever gave for the Lions Club, all the things we are told to keep. Listen up folks, when you are reminded to keep important papers, you don't need keep them forever. This is just too much. Please keep this in mind and for the sake of the people that you love, try to scale it down some. That's what we are going to do.

I was outside this evening and I thought I heard rain. When I listened closely, I realized it was not rain, but the trees that just don't want to let go of their remaining leaves. Each time the breezes blew through the trees, they shook those stubborn little leaves and it was such a sweet sound. It sounded like they were applauding. I like to think they are showing their gratitude to God for the beautiful world he has given us, and thanking Him for allowing them to be a part of it. I know that's what I would do if I were blessed enough to be a tree.

Well, it's off to watch a little television, see what holiday shows are on and psyche myself up for tomorrow's trip to "The House". Talk to you soon.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Full Tummy???

At this time of the evening on Thanksgiving Day, I am fairly sure that we aren't the only ones with full tum-tums. Since it is just us, I do a scaled-down version of the traditional T-Day meal. Baked chicken breasts, green beans, stuffing, mashed tatoes and pie with ice cream.

You know how sometimes your mind does funny things to you? Well, I watch the tube while I cook and DH came by, looked at the set and asked, "what'cha watching"?. For some reason I said, "NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET". He looked back at the set and waited. Oh, I meant to say "MIRACLE ON 34TH STREET" he shrugged, and says "Hmmm, what's the difference?". I guess you really had to be there. I still think it's funny.

In addition to getting ready to go to Cali to visit my sisters, we have to work on getting my uncle's house ready to sell, and my beloved has to work on the next episode of PK. (click on the link for Troll Reunion in my last post) We are currently enjoying a great book called Monkey Portraits by Jill Greenberg and hope to get some new ideas for the next show.

For those of you in our Cox Cable-Roanoke area, our show will be on Channel 78, Tuesday and Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. and Saturday night at 9:30 p.m.

I feel the folks at the cable station were super, and gave us great time spots for our show. We will be on early enough for the kids to see the cartoons, there will be several kinds of music that will appeal to a wide variety of tastes, and you will get to see my cute husband. I do hope you can get it in your viewing area.

I want to take this time to say thanks. Thanks to my loving husband for being there for me. Thanks to all my friends for the kind words and support they are giving me and thanks to those of you who take time from your days to read my blog. I love it. And your blogs mean so much to me. I love sharing your thoughts and the feeling of being there through your photos. It's how I start off my day. I am inspired, always. Thanks again.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Troll Reunion

The past several days have been quite trying. I am so grateful to have such a wonderful husband to help me get through this. I have not been the easiest person to deal with, but God Bless him, he is hanging in there with me. In an effort to lighten up the mood, just a little, I am posting the link to his new cartoon/video called Troll Reunion. I think it is a scream and he worked so hard on it. I think it is awesome. See if it makes you want to boogie!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Rejoice in his passing...

Hello folks. I received a call from my brother this morning. My uncle, (my mom's brother), who has been in an assisted living facility for several years, died this morning. He had not been doing that well for some time now and we knew that this would eventually happen. It still came as a shock. This sounds so lame to say, but he really did have a good life. He was a very proud WWII veteran, active in the community and church and chorus and really had lots of friends. The last 10 years, since my mom died, have taken their toll on him, he had more and more health problems, he had to give up his driver's license and just sort of "got small". I wasn't the best at visiting him in the facility, because I hated to see him somewhere other than home. He liked where he was though and was well taken care of. I guess I just feel a little guilty, like I wasn't a very good niece. I know he is in a much better place and gets to see all the family and friends that he has missed so much. Since I know the grieving process is multi-faceted, I am sure I will feel differently in a few days. We will be ok. My siblings and I have wonderful spouses that are always there for us. We just feel weird, Uncle was the last elder we had left in the family. We are all on our own now. With no Moms or Uncles or Grandmas to call or even to check on. Enough. I just want to say I will not mourn his passing, I truly am happy that he has finally gone to the most perfect place there is. Heaven. One day we will see each other again. Good Bye Uncle.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I can't believe it's Wednesday already...

What a quick week this has been. In addition to getting ready for cane construction at the library this weekend, I have been working on a painting that is a complete departure for me.

I found a rather large painting that my sister had begun several years ago, (actually, about 20 years ago), and I decided to finish it. She had roughly penciled in a scene with some fantasy figures and had painted in some of the sky and then apparently decided to put it aside. I started on it yesterday and here it is. I never know when something is finished. I just know I was "worrying" it to death and had to make myself stop. I used acrylics and did some of the details in color pencil blending them with turpentine. If you haven't tried that technique, you need to, it's very interesting. I am used to working with pencils and pens, and I don't really have much control with a brush, so... in some areas, I used a sharpened pencil ( in a similar color to what I am going to be painting with) and dabbed it in the paint and used it as my "brush". I don't know what this technique is called, but it works for me. Any feedback on this painting will be appreciated. I did e-mail it to my sissy to see what she thinks. We'll see, and as usual, we will talk soon.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Another Beautiful Day

As many of you know, I love Sunday. Grocery store, then cooking and getting ready for another week. While a nice pot of green beans simmered on the stove (some of us Southern Girls still cook the life out of our veggies) I whipped up a batch of tuna salad with hard cooked eggs and dill pickles, add some wheat bread, lettuce, tomato and chips and you have a nice lunch. Time to clean up my work area. I want to call it a studio, but that sounds so, I don't know...something. Several hours later, and after figuring out how to work the vacuum cleaner (DH usually does it) I have a clean Studio. Now it is worthy of being called an actual studio.

I do still have this area to work on though. But that is for another day. Studio is clean. Let's make art!

elusive man i see your face over and over in my mind you are in control when you decided to leave you left me wondering so many things i am always looking for you will you be back everything goes on even after your departure i have other friends that stay with me i don't fear you or your journey i am loved unconditionally

Ok, so I was thinking of creating something more masculine than those I usually do, since DH was kind enough to build frames and stretch the canvases for me. I was using paper cut outs and knew a quick sketch for the face was what I needed. I grabbed the pen and made exactly the face that I wanted with about 10 strokes. I loved it. But it wasn't the size I wanted. So, I'll just do it again, right? Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Circle gets the square . I could not for the life of me draw this guy again. So I started writing to him and asking where had he gone and that's the sentiment behind Elusive Man .

His original body is still slightly visible through the layers. I just cannot decide if he is complete yet. Any ideas?

Well, I guess I'll be off for tonight. No telling what I might get into tomorrow, but don't worry, we'll talk soon.

Saturday, November 10, 2007


Wowsy, Wow Wow! Traffic was crazy when I went out today. Looked almost like the day after Thanksgiving. Anyway, I got some stretcher bars and some other interesting supplies and I am off to the studio to work on something new. Still trying to shake the remnants of this cold, but I am sure I will be fine by next Saturday. We will be doing more polymer clay in our altered art group. Canes will be made by one and all. I am sure it will be great fun. I am looking forward to what my talented friends come up with. I will be looking for cool stuff on Tricia's blog, and maybe we can get Marnie to post some also. I 'll try to remember to bring my camera and take lots of pictures.

Well, let's go see what we can get into. Holla'.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Dream Coaster

I am not one to have phobias, but there are several things I am not too fond of. The main ones are roller coasters, as I am afraid of heights, and large bodies of water-because I am not a strong swimmer. Therefore, when I dream, it is usually involving roller coasters over water, or something equally weird. As I mentioned earlier, I am trying to capture the essence of some of these dreams. This particular dream involved the roller coaster being attached to the fronts of sky scrapers. I sketched this in pen, added some watercolor and laid down several layers of beeswax, for a more dream-like appearance. I also added some flat backed "jewels" for a carnival type look. This still doesn't capture the bizarreness of the dream, but it does give you the general idea.

In regards to another project, I have a roll of artist's canvas that I am going to be working with soon. It has been so long since I stretched a canvas, I am out of practice. I am also out of staples for the gun I am used to using, and I am just not strong enough to use the one my hubby has, so I see a trip to the hardware store in my future. In the meantime, I will be surfing the net and other blogs to come up with alternative uses for canvas. Let me know of any sites you are fond of regarding this. Thanks, and we'll talk soon.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

So many images...

Recently, I feel bombarded with words and images...when I close my eyes. I guess it comes from so much computer work and so much art and so many ideas in my head, during my waking hours. The dreams I have are so vivid, that I want to draw and paint and write them. I have beautiful conversations with people I have never met (?) and live in houses I have never seen (?) and get to run around with people no longer in my life, for various reasons. I go to lovely places with my hubby and see some of the most interesting things. Now, don't get me wrong, these dreams are never scary and I never wake up confused, it's just that they really do have such a dreamlike quality. Hmmm. All that being said, I am going to try to work on some dreamscapes. I haven't worked it out yet, but I will probably be doing collage work with, perhaps, beeswax to give it a dreamy look.

In the meantime, lets look at some peaceful images and calm the activity in our heads.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Digital Dreams

DH has turned in his public access show to the station . He has really worked hard on his show and I am so very proud of him.We put links to several of the segments on YouTube. When I tried to update the link for Digital Dream, I messed up. Digital Dream was the cartoon that he made using the paper cut outs that I was so happy to see him use. He did such a great job. I even made a cameo appearance in it. We also made a video using a monkey hand puppet that we got at the flea market. If you like heavy metal/rock music you will love what he did with it. Check it out when you get the chance, you'll go ape .

My Darling Hubby is a very talented person, and I look forward to sharing his progress. I will be loading his new videos often. In fact, check out this little number called Troll Reunion.

Keep checking in and remember, as always, we'll talk soon.

Monday, November 5, 2007

and I thought it was the sniffles...

Ugh, what I thought was the sniffles, has turned into a full-blown case of the common cold. I have spent the entire day on the couch with a book and various warm drinks and the occasional aspirin. Waaaaa. Well, anyway.... here is a little (5" x 7") painting I call "Watching You". I wish my own eyes were this clear tonight.

Well, our tv show is complete. We have been working on it for several months. We have it ready to go to the station tomorrow. We, meaning DH. He has done all the work. I realized quickly that I was not cut out for the video world. I don't do well on either side of the lens. I have offered quite a lot of "constructive" dialog that I feel has been beneficial. I sat with him through some of the editing and also helped with a few of the programming ideas. It will be seen in our area soon and I will post a link for the segments that we put on you tube. I will keep you in the know. Well, have a good night and we will talk soon.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

I love Sunday

I have always loved Sundays. Whether it was watching ballgames with my Mom when I was younger, or getting things ready for another week at work, when I was still in the rat race. I feel that Sunday is like a new beginning- each week. To try to do things a little differently, or to do something again that worked really well. I like to cook and I love to go to the grocery store on Sunday and come home and cook. I have two pots of soup simmering, as we speak. One pot is vegetable beef, made with nice chunks of boneless spare ribs with everything I could think of tossed in. Baby carrots, celery, tomatoes, corn, green beans, potatoes, onions and a goodly shake of seasoned salt. The other pot is homemade chicken noodle, because we seem a little sniffly. Put them on to simmer and have for supper tonight with some flaky croissants and a glass of iced tea. What a great way to start off the week.

Here is a little primitive style pillow, stuffed with love, that I made DH for his recent birthday. (the BIG one) He loved it and his handmade card. I used cinnamon to distress it, so it smells really nice. You can always find something to create with at our house. Right now Hubby is downstairs cutting out words and pictures to make a cartoon for his upcoming public access show. We thought we were ready to submit it, but we came up two minutes short. Imagine my surprise when I saw him cutting out images and words to use. When he asked to go through my stash, I knew I had a convert. Who knows what this will lead to . Way to go Hubby!

Friday, November 2, 2007


While I never really had an attraction to mermaids, I do have a friend on the left coast that collects all things mermaid, so after making a mermaid art doll for her, I began to periodically do items that are mermaid related. The candy tin was one of our group's altered art projects. The picture that I call Mermaid Migration was done simply because I just love working with these particular colors. I have several other things done in these same colors. As my mermaid girlies swim toward warmer waters, I, too, must migrate toward the kitchen for a warm cuppa. Better make it decaffeinated, or I will be up all night. Talk soon.

It's a chilly morning

Good morning all, we awoke to a chill in the air this morning. I love it. I love the change in seasons. It reminds me that change can be good. Autumn reminds me that beauty sometimes needs to hide away, but it takes only the slightest adjustment to bring it back into sight. A drop in temperature can bring beautiful frost, while a change in the wind can whisk away the clouds and the sky looks like this shot off my deck this morning. DH built our deck this spring. It is my first deck. I love it. I have spent so much time out there. Reading a lot, but mostly just enjoying the view, communing with nature (learning to be still, while a fat bodied bumblebee buzzed around me deciding if I would be allowed into his club) and thanking God for all that He has blessed us with.

One afternoon recently, while reading a somewhat tense chapter in my mystery, I heard what sounded like a huge animal down in the woods. I went and got my camera to use the zoom as binoculars . This little fellow is what was making such a fierce racket. So remember, when you think you hear a monster, or you think life is too big for you, maybe it's really something small, so enjoy life and try to keep everything in perspective. It's not alway easy, but it is possible. Let's go get some coffee. Later.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Can you believe it's Halloween???

It's Halloween everyone. Be sure to stay safe and don't get a tummy ache from too many sweets. Here are a couple of pictures I thought were interesting. We have Patti Punkin delivering her seasonal greeting and we have my darling Milo studying his shadow. This shot doesn't do him justice, he was so serious watching his own shadow move. Also a little painting I thought was too scary, so I added a silly orange spiderweb over the whole thing. If I have the chance, I will try to take pictures of any goblins I see tonight. Well, thats all for now. We'll chat soon.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening...

Time for our daily chat. I want to say how pleased I am to hear that my friends are checking my blog. Thanks gang. I have been working on several paintings to post for Halloween. I try to make things spooky, but somehow, that doesn't happen. I guess I am just too silly. In the meantime, I am excited to show you some of other things I have been working on. Let me know what you think.

The little red haired girl is so pleased with her own reflection. But who can blame her? What with the tiara and her bejeweled dress, she is just too cute for her own good. Hope she stays out of mischief.

Let's call this one Waiting for Winter. I laid down some yellow ocher, then added a gel transfer (from a fashion ad) and then painted the tree with a rigger brush. A little journaling and I called it complete.

Well, I guess that's all for now (but you never know). Perhaps I will post some other goodies later. In the event that I do not, please take care and don't forget we will talk soon. Bye, Bye.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Trick or Treat?

Just thought I would post several pre-Halloween pictures. The wreath is on my front porch. This is what happens when you cross an imaginative artist with a very zany co-worker. He supplied the dolls to alter, I did the rest.

Here is a close up of one of the "babies".

The top picture is my idea of the perfect princess costume.

It's almost time for my shows, so I will talk to you later. Bye, Bye.

What a surprise!

One of the many wonderful things about working from home is SLEEPING IN! We had coffee too late last night and boy did it keep us up . I slept late, but DH got up early and cleaned the kitchen, top to bottom. Things I normally don't do, cleaning areas I "don't see". I ignore some areas intentionally, but I am vertically challenged, as they say, so I will use that for my excuse for any less than thorough cleaning. There I go again, making excuses for self imposed rules. I am extremely happy to have a clean kitchen and have the rest of the day to do, you guessed it! ARTSY STUFF. He is such a great guy. (Told you so)

Please be sure and check out some of the sites that I visit. Since I am new here, I think perhaps, they might be new to you.

I got lots of books from the library Saturday and can't wait to try some techniques that are new to me. Look for more pictures later of what I come up with.

Let's go get some tea and see what we can get in to . Talk to you soon.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Self Portrait

I am calling this a self portrait, but it wasn't until after I completed it , that I decided it looks like me. What do you think?

I was inspired to do this piece, after viewing some interesting art on several other sites. I am trying to step outside my comfort zone and get a little bit wacky. I am, after all, quite a wacky gal, and I want my art to reflect that.

Today was a super day for us and I hope it was for you. Just keep remembering you are worthy. You are an artist after all.

Here's wishing everyone a great night! Sweet Dreams and we'll talk soon.

Let's take a walk

Here is the painting that inspired the name of this blog. Hope you like it.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Making the video

Well, that was fun. I just assisted my multi-talented hubby in taping a music video for his cable access show. After setting the camera, etc. up, and checking lighting and such, he went for it. He did it on the first take and it looks great. After his show starts to air on our local cable access channel, I hope to have links to some of his stuff, maybe . I don't want to get too ambitious with his art. Maybe I better just stick to reporting the facts. Fact being my deck and beautifully colored trees are now the setting for a music video. Nothing prettier than those fall colors. I will let all those interested know when the show will air. Until then, we will just have to wait. It is going to be a fun show. Stay tuned for more info!

It's a great day to ...

Good Day All,

It is a beautiful day. It started out as a rainy day. I am, indeed, a fan of rainy days, even when there are several in a row. The rain is one of those excuses we feel we need, to allow ourselves to stay inside and do what we want to do, instead of what we think we "need" to do. Why do we put so many restrictions on ourselves? You will find that this is one of my main gripes. I hope you wont get bored, hearing me rant about self imposed rules, but I just know I am not the only person who feels guilty over dishes in the sink, or clutter in the garage, or having to step over things to get to your work area. Enough on that...

I am currently drawing a series of whimsical girlie-girls. I am trying to trick my brain into realizing that art doesn't need to look like a photo. That is what the camera is for. I was turned on to a super artist on the web named Suziblu. I love her work and I want to thank Tricia for telling me about her.

That reminds me, this time last week I was getting ready to load up to go to the library to do a demo on polymer clay. I have been playing with clay for about ten years now and was very surprised when my friends in the art group wanted me to talk to them about it. It's one of those things, that you think, if you do it, everyone else must do it also. Anyway, I had a lot of fun doing it and wanted to apologize to all involved for being so scattered in my teaching methods. I kept leaving out crucial bits of information. I feel like I ignored some of my chickie doodle friends (especially during the transfer phase of the meeting) and I am sorry. We are going to do it again next month and I am sure it will be much more organized.

Well, I am off to pursue artistic endeavors and hopefully soon, will be posting pics of my "oh, so lovely" creations.

Till then... TA TA

Friday, October 26, 2007

It's a beautiful day!

Hello, welcome to A Walk in the Park. This is my first attempt at blogging. I have been encouraged by friends and by my sweet, supportive husband, to go for it, so here I am. If you don't already know me, I am a mixed media artist. I call it mixed media, basically because I can't decide what I like best, so I do a little bit of everything. I draw, I paint, I make jewelry, I make dolls. I glue, I dig through the trash to find things, I also pick things up in parking lots. Everything is going to end up as art. I hammer, I drill, I stamp. Sound familiar? If it does, you are probably one of us. That creature we call "artist", and then sometimes, after accepting this role, we somehow feel unworthy to carry such a lofty title. This blog is to help remind us all that we are worthy of this title. Everyone is an artist. Perhaps you are a poet, or a musician, or a singer, or a painter of beautiful pictures. You know who you are. Just enjoy it and let it happen, it's so very easy to do, in's so easy, it is just "A Walk In The Park".