Sunday, November 11, 2007

Another Beautiful Day

As many of you know, I love Sunday. Grocery store, then cooking and getting ready for another week. While a nice pot of green beans simmered on the stove (some of us Southern Girls still cook the life out of our veggies) I whipped up a batch of tuna salad with hard cooked eggs and dill pickles, add some wheat bread, lettuce, tomato and chips and you have a nice lunch. Time to clean up my work area. I want to call it a studio, but that sounds so, I don't know...something. Several hours later, and after figuring out how to work the vacuum cleaner (DH usually does it) I have a clean Studio. Now it is worthy of being called an actual studio.

I do still have this area to work on though. But that is for another day. Studio is clean. Let's make art!

elusive man i see your face over and over in my mind you are in control when you decided to leave you left me wondering so many things i am always looking for you will you be back everything goes on even after your departure i have other friends that stay with me i don't fear you or your journey i am loved unconditionally

Ok, so I was thinking of creating something more masculine than those I usually do, since DH was kind enough to build frames and stretch the canvases for me. I was using paper cut outs and knew a quick sketch for the face was what I needed. I grabbed the pen and made exactly the face that I wanted with about 10 strokes. I loved it. But it wasn't the size I wanted. So, I'll just do it again, right? Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Circle gets the square . I could not for the life of me draw this guy again. So I started writing to him and asking where had he gone and that's the sentiment behind Elusive Man .

His original body is still slightly visible through the layers. I just cannot decide if he is complete yet. Any ideas?

Well, I guess I'll be off for tonight. No telling what I might get into tomorrow, but don't worry, we'll talk soon.