Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I can't believe it's Wednesday already...

What a quick week this has been. In addition to getting ready for cane construction at the library this weekend, I have been working on a painting that is a complete departure for me.

I found a rather large painting that my sister had begun several years ago, (actually, about 20 years ago), and I decided to finish it. She had roughly penciled in a scene with some fantasy figures and had painted in some of the sky and then apparently decided to put it aside. I started on it yesterday and here it is. I never know when something is finished. I just know I was "worrying" it to death and had to make myself stop. I used acrylics and did some of the details in color pencil blending them with turpentine. If you haven't tried that technique, you need to, it's very interesting. I am used to working with pencils and pens, and I don't really have much control with a brush, so... in some areas, I used a sharpened pencil ( in a similar color to what I am going to be painting with) and dabbed it in the paint and used it as my "brush". I don't know what this technique is called, but it works for me. Any feedback on this painting will be appreciated. I did e-mail it to my sissy to see what she thinks. We'll see, and as usual, we will talk soon.

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Tricia Scott said...

i really like the idea of finishing a piece that your sister began years ago--that is very neat!
color blending in turpentine? what? we just have to get together one day and paint!