Saturday, January 17, 2015

Happy Birthday Bob!

I know, I know...not everyone gets my old lady crush on Bob Ritchie, aka Kid Rock, but at this stage of the game a gal needs some eye candy any way she can get it.  Anyway today is KR's 44th birthday and I'm saying happy birthday to him here, just for fun.

Speaking of birthdays, I am never quite certain what to get my sisters for their birthdays, but one is already taken care of.  I painted a landscape this week and my sister loved it...

It's ok to post that I'm sending it to her, she already knows.  This painting is a bit of a reach for me.  I sometimes like to do things a bit differently and she and I had been talking about this painting as I did it.  It  only took two nights, which is a new thing for me, as a painting may take me several weeks to complete.

I began by doing an underpainting on a 11 x 14 canvas panel.  This probably wasn't necessary, but I normally don't do an underpainting and I was just experimenting.  After the underpainting, I covered the panel in matte medium and laid a piece of crumpled and smoothed out tissue paper over the panel.  I didn't really try to create any special texture, I just let it happen.  I let it dry and did another coat of medium to protect the tissue paper.  For me this was a necessary step, as I did get a bit rough with the application of paints, pencils and texture medium and didn't want to tear the paper off.

Anyway, I just messed around with it until I got what I wanted and here you see the result.

I don't have much more to say today, except Sister Peri did send me a camera lucida  (as seen here),
which is an interesting artist tool.  There is a strong learning curve... on the webpage they call this "a bit of practice"...but I am trying it out.

Sorry there isn't much else to talk about today.  Just popping in to say hey and remind you to wish Kid Rock happy birthday!

We'll talk soon. :)

Friday, January 9, 2015

Hey Ya'll...

I'm putting this everywhere today.  Maybe it'll explain some things and get some views...

For all of my real friends and family that I ignored while I was under the influence of you know who, I apologize and wanted the world to know it.

Love ya bunches...

Friday, January 2, 2015


My first selfie of the year...for those of you who don't see my Facebook page (friend request me, I'll answer, I'm not mad at you) this is how I rang in the new year. 

Yep, that's me rolling around in the floor with Kid Rock and Foreigner. They are touring together this coming year.  I took this for a "First Kiss" contest for Kid Rock's new album, by the same name, that is to be released in February.  They are going to put all kinds of first kiss photos in a video and let the winner use their Twitter account to do something with the video for First Kiss.

Since kissing doesn't seem to be an option for me, I fell back on my old favorite, the selfie.  Isn't is wild how laying down and taking the shot from arm's length is like an automatic wrinkle eraser?

Well, 2015 is here and I'm not much older, but sooooo much wiser. Hope everyone out there is having a great week.  My resolutions this year are to drink more water (i.e. pee more), not care about what people think (i.e. leave my mini blinds open more) and to work more on my art and writing.  If that doesn't keep me busy and out of trouble, I don't know what will.

With all that being said, I'll close and go work on Monica's portrait.  I'm almost done.  I'll show you the finished product soon.  TTFN (that's Ta Ta For Now for you oldsters) and we'll talk soon.