Thursday, February 11, 2016

OMG not again

Yep another student is in tears because they wont let her wear what she wants instead of going by dress code of the school...this happened in Michigan.

From what I read in the article it say you can wear tights, leggings,  jeggings (jean leggings) if they are covered by a skirt or garment that comes to mid thigh.

instead of going by the rules the student and her parents want to let the world know how badly their daughter is being treated.

this time the key words were "may be distracting to boys"...

Well, duh...even the longest part of this top is not mid thigh, which means it doesn't meet the requirements of the dress code. 

I can see that this teen looks upset and has probably been crying about the whole thing, but dammit she knew when she left for school that she was pushing the limit and she did it anyway. I think her mom wants her to be the exception to the rule, because she is an "a" student. I guess. Sheesh.

I wear leggings and yoga pants at home and if I go out, I put on a top that comes almost to my knees.  Now granted, I'm a senior citizen with no desire to show my posterior, but still I do not believe that leggings are slacks. It's just wrong.  Stop doing it and you will not be sent home.

When you are of age and want to express yourself through your wardrobe, knock yourself out. Until then just freaking stop it.


Dammit, Dammit, Dammit.