Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Can you believe it's Halloween???

It's Halloween everyone. Be sure to stay safe and don't get a tummy ache from too many sweets. Here are a couple of pictures I thought were interesting. We have Patti Punkin delivering her seasonal greeting and we have my darling Milo studying his shadow. This shot doesn't do him justice, he was so serious watching his own shadow move. Also a little painting I thought was too scary, so I added a silly orange spiderweb over the whole thing. If I have the chance, I will try to take pictures of any goblins I see tonight. Well, thats all for now. We'll chat soon.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening...

Time for our daily chat. I want to say how pleased I am to hear that my friends are checking my blog. Thanks gang. I have been working on several paintings to post for Halloween. I try to make things spooky, but somehow, that doesn't happen. I guess I am just too silly. In the meantime, I am excited to show you some of other things I have been working on. Let me know what you think.

The little red haired girl is so pleased with her own reflection. But who can blame her? What with the tiara and her bejeweled dress, she is just too cute for her own good. Hope she stays out of mischief.

Let's call this one Waiting for Winter. I laid down some yellow ocher, then added a gel transfer (from a fashion ad) and then painted the tree with a rigger brush. A little journaling and I called it complete.

Well, I guess that's all for now (but you never know). Perhaps I will post some other goodies later. In the event that I do not, please take care and don't forget we will talk soon. Bye, Bye.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Trick or Treat?

Just thought I would post several pre-Halloween pictures. The wreath is on my front porch. This is what happens when you cross an imaginative artist with a very zany co-worker. He supplied the dolls to alter, I did the rest.

Here is a close up of one of the "babies".

The top picture is my idea of the perfect princess costume.

It's almost time for my shows, so I will talk to you later. Bye, Bye.

What a surprise!

One of the many wonderful things about working from home is SLEEPING IN! We had coffee too late last night and boy did it keep us up . I slept late, but DH got up early and cleaned the kitchen, top to bottom. Things I normally don't do, cleaning areas I "don't see". I ignore some areas intentionally, but I am vertically challenged, as they say, so I will use that for my excuse for any less than thorough cleaning. There I go again, making excuses for self imposed rules. I am extremely happy to have a clean kitchen and have the rest of the day to do, you guessed it! ARTSY STUFF. He is such a great guy. (Told you so)

Please be sure and check out some of the sites that I visit. Since I am new here, I think perhaps, they might be new to you.

I got lots of books from the library Saturday and can't wait to try some techniques that are new to me. Look for more pictures later of what I come up with.

Let's go get some tea and see what we can get in to . Talk to you soon.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Self Portrait

I am calling this a self portrait, but it wasn't until after I completed it , that I decided it looks like me. What do you think?

I was inspired to do this piece, after viewing some interesting art on several other sites. I am trying to step outside my comfort zone and get a little bit wacky. I am, after all, quite a wacky gal, and I want my art to reflect that.

Today was a super day for us and I hope it was for you. Just keep remembering you are worthy. You are an artist after all.

Here's wishing everyone a great night! Sweet Dreams and we'll talk soon.

Let's take a walk

Here is the painting that inspired the name of this blog. Hope you like it.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Making the video

Well, that was fun. I just assisted my multi-talented hubby in taping a music video for his cable access show. After setting the camera, etc. up, and checking lighting and such, he went for it. He did it on the first take and it looks great. After his show starts to air on our local cable access channel, I hope to have links to some of his stuff, maybe . I don't want to get too ambitious with his art. Maybe I better just stick to reporting the facts. Fact being my deck and beautifully colored trees are now the setting for a music video. Nothing prettier than those fall colors. I will let all those interested know when the show will air. Until then, we will just have to wait. It is going to be a fun show. Stay tuned for more info!

It's a great day to ...

Good Day All,

It is a beautiful day. It started out as a rainy day. I am, indeed, a fan of rainy days, even when there are several in a row. The rain is one of those excuses we feel we need, to allow ourselves to stay inside and do what we want to do, instead of what we think we "need" to do. Why do we put so many restrictions on ourselves? You will find that this is one of my main gripes. I hope you wont get bored, hearing me rant about self imposed rules, but I just know I am not the only person who feels guilty over dishes in the sink, or clutter in the garage, or having to step over things to get to your work area. Enough on that...

I am currently drawing a series of whimsical girlie-girls. I am trying to trick my brain into realizing that art doesn't need to look like a photo. That is what the camera is for. I was turned on to a super artist on the web named Suziblu. I love her work and I want to thank Tricia for telling me about her.

That reminds me, this time last week I was getting ready to load up to go to the library to do a demo on polymer clay. I have been playing with clay for about ten years now and was very surprised when my friends in the art group wanted me to talk to them about it. It's one of those things, that you think, if you do it, everyone else must do it also. Anyway, I had a lot of fun doing it and wanted to apologize to all involved for being so scattered in my teaching methods. I kept leaving out crucial bits of information. I feel like I ignored some of my chickie doodle friends (especially during the transfer phase of the meeting) and I am sorry. We are going to do it again next month and I am sure it will be much more organized.

Well, I am off to pursue artistic endeavors and hopefully soon, will be posting pics of my "oh, so lovely" creations.

Till then... TA TA

Friday, October 26, 2007

It's a beautiful day!

Hello, welcome to A Walk in the Park. This is my first attempt at blogging. I have been encouraged by friends and by my sweet, supportive husband, to go for it, so here I am. If you don't already know me, I am a mixed media artist. I call it mixed media, basically because I can't decide what I like best, so I do a little bit of everything. I draw, I paint, I make jewelry, I make dolls. I glue, I dig through the trash to find things, I also pick things up in parking lots. Everything is going to end up as art. I hammer, I drill, I stamp. Sound familiar? If it does, you are probably one of us. That creature we call "artist", and then sometimes, after accepting this role, we somehow feel unworthy to carry such a lofty title. This blog is to help remind us all that we are worthy of this title. Everyone is an artist. Perhaps you are a poet, or a musician, or a singer, or a painter of beautiful pictures. You know who you are. Just enjoy it and let it happen, it's so very easy to do, in's so easy, it is just "A Walk In The Park".