Monday, October 29, 2007

What a surprise!

One of the many wonderful things about working from home is SLEEPING IN! We had coffee too late last night and boy did it keep us up . I slept late, but DH got up early and cleaned the kitchen, top to bottom. Things I normally don't do, cleaning areas I "don't see". I ignore some areas intentionally, but I am vertically challenged, as they say, so I will use that for my excuse for any less than thorough cleaning. There I go again, making excuses for self imposed rules. I am extremely happy to have a clean kitchen and have the rest of the day to do, you guessed it! ARTSY STUFF. He is such a great guy. (Told you so)

Please be sure and check out some of the sites that I visit. Since I am new here, I think perhaps, they might be new to you.

I got lots of books from the library Saturday and can't wait to try some techniques that are new to me. Look for more pictures later of what I come up with.

Let's go get some tea and see what we can get in to . Talk to you soon.

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Tricia Scott said...

what a lucky girl you are to have a hubby who cleans the kitchen!!! i