Monday, December 17, 2007

Crazy, Sexy Art

Here is a shot of our group that worked on the board books Saturday. It was a smaller group than usual, due to holiday obligations and the threat of falling weather. I mentioned in a previous post that the theme of the day was "Crazy, Sexy Christmas". Some of us used vintage images of dancers and contortionists, along with copies of vintage Christmas cards, and luscious fibers, glittery embellishments, along with paint and glue (you know the drill). Since most of the board books were to have multiple pages, I don't have pictures yet. We had a ton of fun and look forward to meeting next month to see all the finished pieces when we do "show and tell".

Here is the tree that Marnie made for the library. She lovingly created paper angels with ribbon wings and timepiece faces, except for the topper, and that's her mom. It was so sweet, the picture just doesn't do it justice.

Well, I am off to do more art or maybe help DH with his new episode that is due in January. Time slips up so quickly, how do any of us ever find time to do it all? Can it be that there are less than 10 days left until Christmas? Hang in there friends, remember to take plenty of breaks, and know that it's really not necessary to do it all and it is ok to ask for help from family and friends, they actually want to share in the fun of it all.

We'll talk soon. Ta, Ta.

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