Monday, December 10, 2007

She's baaaack.......

Well, we are back. Came home to a cold house (heat pump temporarily out), but very glad to be home.

We went to San Diego to see my sister ( we like to celebrate an early Christmas when we are out there), and had a great time. We got to do some touristy stuff , consumed lots of good eats and even indulged in some retail therapy. Here is a shot of me after a yummy dinner at the resort. The food was really great and my, my, my, don't I look happy? If you could see what's on the other side of the camera, you would understand.

Sissy and I went to the Wild Animal Park and I got to feed a giraffe. I am not one to cozy up to something larger than a cat, but I could not refuse. We had a nice time and since my sister is a member of the park, we got to do some special things, such as a behind the scenes tour.

Hubby and I both got soothing facials at a spa, and then, the next day, since I felt he deserved some additional "me" time, I suggested that he stay behind, order room service and watch movies, while we shopped. Part of my Christmas gift was a trip to the Dick Blick retail store in San Diego. I got some great art supplies. I look forward to doing all kinds of art, especially some pieces using the vintage photos I have been finding in my uncle's house. I will soon be posting some of those also. Well, folks, it's great to be back. We are rested and raring to go. Thanks again for all your kind words, stay posted for more news, and as always, we'll talk soon.

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Anonymous said...

It sounds like you had a GREAT time! Isn't Dick blick fun? And I really love the WAP! I hope that you also got to go to Balboa park, so many exhibits there as well as the Spanish Village and the merry go round. Next time you are here, look me up:))