Wednesday, December 26, 2007

What day is it?

Am I the only one who is confused? Now that I work from home, I get confused as to the day of the week. The holidays really add to that feeling. Now that they are almost over, we can get back on schedule and I will try to keep up. That would be a good resolution, to try to remember what day it is. Anyway...

I am happy with my new art supplies and have already finished several projects. Here is the final version of "Facial Expressions". I envisioned this piece as I was having my facial at the spa. I added some colored circles to convey the warmth of the facial and the feeling of floating that I experienced, though I also felt as if I was actually sinking deeper and deeper... into a relaxed state. When I did my initial drawing, I drew it as if I were giving the facial and I felt so peaceful while I was drawing it, that I knew that I would be pleased with the finished piece and I am.

This piece, that I am calling "Winged Girl", is my first attempt using hands for wings. I want to say thanks to Jean for showing me how beautiful this technique can be. I hope to do more of these girls. This little girl really is a part of me now. It's like when someone looks at a child and remarks, "she's got your hands", because she really does.

This next one, that I am calling "Flower Girl", is painted with acrylic on clay board. This is an unusually smooth surface and I'm not certain how I feel about it. When I painted her, I couldn't see what she was looking at, but I looked up and saw an abstract floral that I did about 10 years ago and decided to give her one of those flowers. I was trying to make the background appear as wallpaper, but it seems to look like there is something rising from the floor instead. Oh, well, if all of our art were perfect, it wouldn't inspire as much thought.

Well, those are three of the things that I have done this week. I guess I am one of those people that likes instant gratification. I really wish that I had the patience to start a long term project, that takes weeks to complete, but I just can't. It's like I feel a push to get the idea out of my brain and onto the paper, or board, or whatever I am using . It's like I might lose it, if I don't do it right then. I do put a lot of thought into the piece before I ever pick up my pencils to sketch it out and sometimes I look at that sketch for a while, but once I am ready to put it in motion, I don't want to stop. Also, I take things by spurts. This time last year, I was doing nothing but jewelry and about five years ago, I did nothing but make polymer beads. Now I feel that I must draw and paint again. I am also going to be using a lot of vintage photos this year. Lots of glue and embellishments also. What a great year it will be.

I want to thank everyone for being so nice and encouraging me about my art and my blog. I wont list everyone, as you know who you are. Any how, thanks again and keep checking in, as new things will be added often. Love y'all for reading and posting, as I do love to read your blogs everyday. Keep up the good works! We'll talk soon.


Anonymous said...

You have been so prolific! No wonder you lose track of the days!
Maybe you should work on 2-3 pieces at the same time, it really helps to have a blank "canvas" already there and waiting for your ideas!
Happy new year to you ( and thanks for your warm Chanukkah wishes:))

Tricia Scott said...

ohhh! i love the new pieces! you are on a creative roll!

Funky Art Queen said...

I like that one on top because number 1, she is so beautiful and number 2, she looks like she is peering into the water and this is her reflection. Very clever!