Friday, November 2, 2007

It's a chilly morning

Good morning all, we awoke to a chill in the air this morning. I love it. I love the change in seasons. It reminds me that change can be good. Autumn reminds me that beauty sometimes needs to hide away, but it takes only the slightest adjustment to bring it back into sight. A drop in temperature can bring beautiful frost, while a change in the wind can whisk away the clouds and the sky looks like this shot off my deck this morning. DH built our deck this spring. It is my first deck. I love it. I have spent so much time out there. Reading a lot, but mostly just enjoying the view, communing with nature (learning to be still, while a fat bodied bumblebee buzzed around me deciding if I would be allowed into his club) and thanking God for all that He has blessed us with.

One afternoon recently, while reading a somewhat tense chapter in my mystery, I heard what sounded like a huge animal down in the woods. I went and got my camera to use the zoom as binoculars . This little fellow is what was making such a fierce racket. So remember, when you think you hear a monster, or you think life is too big for you, maybe it's really something small, so enjoy life and try to keep everything in perspective. It's not alway easy, but it is possible. Let's go get some coffee. Later.