Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Just a quick post

Wanted to give a shout out to all my peeps! OK, so I'm being silly. I just wanted to make a quick post to say hello and to show you the finished necklace that I had been working on. I had it on at the library today and Marnie and the other gals liked it. So here it is!

Also, have we talked about Zappos, my favorite online shoe store? I love Skechers , and here is my latest pair. Talk about addictive, I love to look at shoes here. My darling hubby is the one that got me hooked on it, so it's all his fault.

And, another thing, since this is my birthday month, I have to go to the DMV soon to get my permit renewed. I have to take the eye test and yes, I have to wear glasses all the time now. GRRR... so I have that to look forward to.

Hopefully, I will soon get some art done. Our altered art group will be meeting next week. I need something to get me moving in a different direction again. I don't know what I will be doing next, but I think I need to do something sort of weird and dark. Just in time for spring! I can do bright colors and heart shaped faces another day. Let's go Goth for a while. I think I need to remove some doll heads from my stash of thrift store babies. I'm getting ideas. Talk about altered, wait until you see what I'm thinking! Hmmm..... this could get interesting.

Well, hubby just invited me to go the The Coffee Pot to hear some early evening Bluegrass. This should be a hoot. Well, got to go make sure my shows get taped. Talk soon. Ta, Ta.


Pocket Full of Prettys said...

I have the same sketcher shoes, same color too & I love them!!!

suze said...

Love the shoes! I have Sketchers but they make my back hurt. Not enough support I guess. I can't wear the shoes I love anymore. The pains of growing old....waah!
I have the same beef with the shrink plastic. Now that I have all that off my chest...
Can't wait to see what "dark" art you come up with.

Tricia said...

hi. i wanted to stop by and catch up on what's going on with you. :)
the necklace is splendid. will you bring it to the group? i am going to try and be there for this one.
the shoes are great--just heard of zappos yesterday---maybe i need to check that site out! i am a big fan of sketchers.
----i am terribly sorry to read about milo's passing. what a good life you gave him though. he was a lucky little soul.

Everwild said...

Love the necklace. And, oooh, I can't wait to see the Goth side of Susan. I'm fast becoming a big fan of Skechers, too and the latest ones are just getting cuter by the day!

Jenn said...

The necklace is so cool! Love the cute shoes too:) xo..jenn

mcdc3s said...

I have never tried Sketchers... but will be sure to try on a pair. They look comfy and FUN. I am so glad you have such a loving relationship with your hubby... and oh how I wish I could go to that coffee shop with you and enjoy a good "mcdc3s" and listen to that music!

Woot! You are going to be THE Birthday Girl!

carolyn said...

Hi Susan~
Thank you for coming over to visit my blog. I have enjoyed reading so many blogs and it's about time that I started one up of my own!
I love browsing at Zappos and those Skechers are just perfect for spring.
I'll be back to check out your "dark art"!

Linda said...

Love the shoes, love the necklace and I love that painting your hubby got for you. I am not looking at that shoe website, I am not looking at that shoe website. lol :)