Sunday, April 6, 2008

Sunday and Unmotivated

DH and I are both still in our PJ's and it's evening. We went to the store on Friday instead of today and it's raining and my eyes feel funny that enough reasons to be in pajamas all day?

Ok, now I am taking an opportunity to vent. I try and try and try and never, never get the results I expect with Shrink Plastic. It seems like it would be the perfect product to make light weight charms and other ephemera for altered art. It is just so contrary. I know you "have" to sand it to use colored pencils, so I sand it. You "have" to use pigment ink, so I use it. The ink doesn't dry. How do you cut out shapes when the ink is not dry? Are you supposed to wait over night? That doesn't fit with my plan, usually. Seriously, I have tried about 6 times now and maybe once have I gotten something I was happy with. Do any of you use it? I would post a picture of this last batch I did, but they look like burnt corn flakes. Ok, I'll do it any way. Here goes.

Oh, I did make a picture frame by gluing down recycled items to a board and then putting glue and beads on it in a mosaic fashion. Can you tell what the recycled items are? Here's a clue... this picture frame will hold a picture of Baby Milo in the center area.

Onward. Last week I worked on a dimensional piece of art. I used vintage wooden fish from an old mobile. Glued down beads, glitter, all sorts of things. It's coming along.

Today, in addition to the hateful shrink plastic I made a pendant, or something, using the instructions from this book by Sandra McCall. You use a glob of hot blue and stamp into it. I didn't have the stamp she suggested, so I hand-carved a stamp after I got the book. I think it is going to be really cool.

Well, I don't know if you can tell, but none of these items are quite finished yet. I used to fret and only do one thing until it was exactly the way I wanted it to be. Nope, now I just go from one thing to another and have several things going at once. It's a great way to stay fresh and not get so bogged down with my art, which I tend to do sometimes. This method was suggested several month ago by one of my blog artist buddies. It's really working for me. I really do appreciate the fact that most of the artist that blog are willing to give you tips and hints and to show you their work. It's great and I thank you for it.

Well, Big Brother is on tonight. I am and probably will always be a TV junkie. Sofa Spud, Couch Tater, you call it what you will, I'm it. I started watching television when The People's Choice was a sitcom instead of an award show. I think it was the last season when I saw it, but I do remember the little dog that did this trick of walking with her front legs and dragging her back legs behind her. Do any of you remember that one? The first cartoon I really remember was Woody Woodpecker and my first crush was on Circus Boy, who grew up and went on to become my favorite one of the Monkees.

Ok, enough of that, I am out of here to try to find something yummy to eat on this cloudy evening, so stay warm, and have fun and keep those cards and letters comin'!!


Jenn said... that one for Milo's picture!! Little tabs from the sweet pea's food cans?? I know you miss him so much...I think that is such a lovely way to remember him!!!! xoxo...jenn

Funky Art Queen said...

I love the frame! How imaginative. I tried shrink stuff too without success. I think I tried to make a doll or something. I also like the fish pic.