Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Age Appropriate?

Yes my little ones, I am back this week with another age related post.  Last time I was in a tiff about actors choosing roles that I don't think they are suited for. (I'm sure Hollyweird has taken note of said post and is making corrections in casting as we speak).  This weeks' rant is going to hit a lot closer to home.  If you are that 65 year old gal that I saw in the grocery store wearing your version of this snazzy outfit...I'm talking to you.

In my opinion, it's bad enough that Fergie, at age 35+ still thinks she can pull it off.  Pa-leeze don't subject me to old ladies wearing skin tight jeans and spike heels while doing their grocery shopping.
Ok, ok, I get it.  You are only as young as you feel, blah, blah, blah.  Well, you are also as silly as your clothing choices. Just because you fit into these things doesn't mean you should EVER wear them.

Ladies, it's ok to feel good about yourself.  It's ok to still be a hottie.  It's even ok to still think about "you know what" at your age.  But put together an outfit that says all this in a way that actually says all that, and more. Not one that says "I'm a doddering old crow, who obviously doesn't realize that the junior department is for juniors".

I am not saying let yourself go.  Well, not constantly anyway.  We all need our moments of comfort. But I think that sometimes we do need to rethink our wardrobe, as well as hair and make up choices as we age. I stopped coloring my hair, and it looks Fabulous.  I also stopped wearing shoes that hurt my feet. So don't let yourself go, let yourself grow and try to make it as graceful as possible.

So that's my rant for this week.  Those of you who know me, know that I'm not a fussy, cantankerous old so-and-so.  I just sometimes have to say my piece.  Have I finally reached the age where I can say what I want?   If so... don't get me started on women with baby voices.


Nezzy said...

Now girl, just let it all out...don't hold back! Heehehee!!!

Yes, I too have a problem with a older gal tryin' to look like a teeny bopper!!!

There's a big difference in lookin' stylish (age appropriate)and lettin' yourself go.

God bless ya and have a terrific Tuesday sweetie!!!

kathyj333 said...

I once saw a woman who had to be 65 in pigtails. Seriously. She was also dressed like she thought she was 14. Talk about really being stuck in the past.

Crafty Gal Linda said...

I love it! You are right on the mark. How about this? Women who go to the amusement park in spiked heals. I never before saw so much cleavage and heels at Disney well except for maybe on the boardwalk at the Jersey Shore then I did last month in Disney World. what's up with that?

Parsley said...

I have that exact outfit and I'm 40! lol...not really

BlueRidgeLady said...

Oh well...I feel the same way! Just the other day in the grocery store, I was really amazed. This woman was trying to walk as if she was completely comfortable in a skirt that should have been maybe a foot longer, AND her feet were killing her in those high heeled shoes she was wearing... bless her heart. My feet were throbbing after seeing her. I was just shaking my head inside and saying alot more! Don't even get me started on the baby voice language either! Thanks for making me smile! x0x

Peri said...

What can I say? I live in CA and this seems to be the land of "I AM YOUNG DARNIT ALL...My age has nothing to do with it" I live in a state which is, in total, in denial as far as age appropriate anything is concerned! I have a friend, who at 78 went skydiving to prove she was "still with it all". I have given up.

Vicki's Bit-o-earth said...

Susan, thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a note (:

Couldn't agree with you more on this rant... so rant away! lol I'm not over 65 yet, but getting there! Its the most liberating time of my life! Not to worry about all the silly stuff and just enjoy life! I do what's good for anyone... eat healthy and exercise. It works ok for me and best of all, I'm soooo much happier! lol xxVicki

fiftyodd said...

You guys are all very sociable types. When I am in the streets I notice no people - only things.