Saturday, February 16, 2008

Such a nice time...

We had such a nice time and a great turnout at the library today. Here is a long shot of the displays that we had.

This is Fabric Art. Can you find Pinky and the Pirate??

Here is Tricia from A Little Birdie Told Me, discussing Altered Books. She is wearing an apron to protect her clothing. Why do I never think of that? Her sweet daughter Olivia was there, as were some of Olivia's friends. I talked to them for a long time, especially Olivia and Tessa. I got lots of input from them on the dolls, like which ones they liked and why. Such smart children. They are the hope of our future, and believe me, our future looks very, very bright.

We displayed Collages and Assemblages.

We really had a nice time, and as a little thank you gift to Marnie, I presented her with what she calls a Grr doll. Yes, Marnie, as tired as you were, I am still posting your picture. You worked really hard, as did all the Library folks. Thanks again.

Well, as they say " a good time was had by all". My pillow dolls were such a hit. I talked to lots of people and everyone seemed to like them. I had them arranged in a fashion, that showed a progression of the doll itself. The paper pattern, then the little patch faces, then the doll sewed and stuffed, and finally, I was embellishing them with buttons, beads and such while we all enjoyed coffee, teas, yummy cakes, nuts and so on.

It was such a hit that they want us to do it again at the Library Headquarters in May. Yikes. I need to make more dolls. I think I will do Goth dolls next time. What do you think??

Well, once again, I must depart to have a warm beverage and let some ideas bounce around in my pea brain, until they come out as art. See you soon. Ta, Ta.


Maralena (AKA: mcdc3s) said...

Why oh why are all these events so far away from me! It looks like you had a very nice time and some great exhibits and fellowship amongst the artists. I never remember to wear aprons either. I do however have dedicated sweatsuits!

Kims Art said...

You make me want to join a group. I am going to spend today seeing what I can find in my area.

suze said...

Thanks for your concern about my fall. I am just a little bruised and will be just fine. Today is my third anniversary with my kidney that my DH gave to me (didn't fall on that side) Welcome to the double nickle club.I will be leaving it in a few months. Your library displays were really nice.I am glad you were OK after your fall. I too am trying to lose my extra pounds and I do crunches and use weights while I watch TV, and it's really toning me up.
Have a great week!

marni said...

I love Grrr...make that Grrrasta! That's her name. I was playing with her last night...flipping her hair to and fro...Collin thinks I need treatment now. Thanks, Susan! I love her!


Carrie said...

Hi, susan I love your new crafts and yes goth dolls would be great I remember how great your goth wreath was at Halloween. Its amazing what you have done. I new how great your are at jewelry crafts but I didnt realized that you were going to do all this, its awesome, you go girl. And I absolutely love your new do. Love Ya Girl, Carrie