Sunday, May 18, 2008

Here's the latest...

Hi folks! First off, I want to say thanks to all, for the kind comments you made regarding my castings. I think this is definitely something I want to continue. I have been reading up on casting and checking out the other blogs and I know this is something we will be doing more of. I am on the lookout for things to use as molds, so please keep me clued in on the possibilities you find.

This is a busy month at my house. Next Saturday, DH and I are planning on participating in a movie making competition at our local art movie house. We will register at 8:00 am, get the theme and the items that need to be included in the movie, then we have until 8:00 pm to video and edit and turn in the completed movie. All the videos will be reviewed and the ones the judges pick will be shown on the big screen at midnight. My hubs is great at this type of thing and I am, if nothing else, enthusiastic , so hopefully , between the two of us, we will come up with something. In any event, it will be fun and maybe worthy of posting on YouTube or on Hub's public access television show.

The next weekend, we have another Altered Art Group showing at the library headquarters. We met this weekend and worked on a display board for the newest category. We are doing a collaboration using the theme "of Goth and Strange", you might remember the piece I posted a while back. In addition to working on the display, we discussed the demonstrations that we will be doing. I am going to attempt to demonstrate how to make wire butterflies to be worn on a ribbon or used as embellishments.

The art display is a large board that we textured with caulking and paper and then glazed/painted with black. My picture doesn't do it justice, but it will look really good when Marnie finishes up on it. Here is what we had at the end of the day.

It will look great when the art is displayed and it will be definitely different from our other more traditional art . I hope small children don't get scared, but if they do, then we will know it was a successful display.

Here's a shot of Marnie applying her newly acquired skills from the Art and Soul seminar, to the display piece. It looks really wild, Marnie.

In addition to making movies and the art show, my darling hubs has been running himself ragged, getting our house ready for new carpet. The baseboards had to be replaced, several rooms painted, closets revamped...everything is looking great. We still have a ways to go and I may be without my usual computer for several days. Hopefully, I won't go into blog withdrawal. It will be worth it in the long run and I will certainly be checking out your blogs, even if I'm not posting as often.

Well, that's all for now. Remember to take time for yourself and make art whenever you can.

I'll be back soon with some updates. Until then, take care and we'll talk soon.


mcdc3s said...

This is absolutely great. You know how I feel about the subject matter. LOL

suze said...

I still want to see your dark side.

Tricia said...

it was so nice getting to chat with you on saturday. :) you guys got a lot finished after I left!! it's looking good. can't wait to see all our pieces displayed...
i finished my piece sunday. yay!

good luck on sat with making the movie! can't wait to see what you guys put together--i know it will be awesome!

carolyn said...

My goodness you are busy, busy, busy!
I know that you can do paper casting using those clay cookie molds that you bake shortbread in. I have a few of them with the intention of trying it out but never got around to them.
I hope you post your movie on youtube. It would be fun to watch.
I'm looking forward to seeing the pictures from the gothic art display.