Thursday, May 29, 2008

Where does the time go?

I can't believe a week has passed since I posted. We have been quite busy. We are going to have new carpet installed. We live in an older ranch and the baseboards had to be totally replaced before the carpet can be started. That meant so much work for my hubby. I have tried to help all I can, but sometimes it's just best for me to stay in my studio. Ohh, what punishment!!
For a break in the work, Thursday, we went to the local festival that always runs Memorial Day Weekend.

Here you see us waiting for the first act to start.

It was a local band that did pretty good. The second band was a Zep tribute band and they weren't very good. We did get to meet some interesting festival goers and talked to some folks we hadn't seen for years. That's always fun. The main reason that we came to the festival today, was to see the headliner. DH wanted to meet the singer and get his autograph, so he went through his stash of vinyl records and grabbed the sharpie and I took the camera and off we went. There was never any question in my mind as if DH would accomplish his mission, he usually does. We meet lots of folks this way. Like Smashing Pumpkins and Cheap Trick and Chuck Negron and Rebecca St. James. The list goes on.

Right before the second band was finishing, he says "OK, give me the camera, I'm going to try to meet him". He wasn't gone long enough at all when I saw him talking to some folks he knew and he began walking back. Sure enough, he had his album autographed and a great picture of him with...

The awesome and so very cool Edgar Winter. How's this for proving an autograph?

Some of you might wonder how the movie making event went on Saturday morning. It didn't. It fizzled out. Only two teenagers showed up and we (I) decided not to participate. We went to breakfast at a local restaurant (folks nearby will recognize it) and ate way too much.

Later Saturday, we went back to the festival to see another band and video some footage for DH to include in his show. I took some good photos of the band. I used to take photos of the bands that DH was in, back in the 80's. Imagine me, big hair and all, prancing around, taking band pictures. I loved it!

(I was going to post a picture of DH taping the band, but my computer wont cooperate)

Well, until I can get the rest of my pictures loaded, I guess that is it for today. I am typing from my temporary station (card table) and it's not conducive to extra long sessions. Hope you like the pictures of my honey, I think he is quite a catch. We will talk more, I'm sure. I will probably be posting pictures of Saturday's art gallery, also. So, I'm off to get into something. See you soon.


Angelina's Trinkets said...

Hi Susan,

I am so happy to see you at my blog so I thought I'd stop by and see what you've been up to. The concert day sounds wonderful and looks like your DH got a GREAT autograph as well.

Love the pic of you and your spouse...that's the one thing we all have to remember - to have someone take a picture of us with our honey. D and I used to set the camera up on a nearby rock and take our picture together when we went on motorcycle trips. I have such a wonderful scrapbook of this time in our life and so enjoy all those pictures.

mcdc3s said...

WOOT... Another great Rock Star Moment. What a great looking couple you two make.

I don't envy the hard work of replacing those baseboards. We had to do the trim in our living room when we replaced our carpet last year. Ugh.