Friday, June 6, 2008

100th post giveaway

Here I am saying hello to all my friends. I hope this finds you well and not suffering too much in this heat.

Since I have been blogging, I have noticed that in blog land the 100th post is a milestone of sorts. I have so enjoyed posting. It's scary, sometimes, putting yourself out there on the information highway. Not knowing who is stepping into your world... you open your door just a bit, to look out into this new land. I think being cautious is a good thing sometimes, but you can't be scared of all new things, either. So, I did a little research (mostly starting with Tricia's blog) and decided blogging was something I really wanted to try. I started my blog in November and I have enjoyed it immensely. There have been times when I wasn't sure of what I was doing, but I muddled through it. I gained confidence from reading the blogs and visiting sites suggested by your blogs. I even started an Etsy shop. I actually sold one of my pillow dolls (Thanks, Jenn), and have added handmade jewelry to my shop.

I probably would not have done any of this without the support of my friends. Friends that I can hug in person, and friends that I send hugs via the Web. As a thank you for allowing me to be a part of your lives, I am having a little giveaway.

One of my recent posts was about paper casting. My first attempts at this wonderfully fun art were well received and the encouragement that I got from everyone has prompted me to make paper casting my very first giveaway.

After playing with paper pulp and wet facial tissue, and learning several techniques, I decided to make a paper casting mold using polymer clay and rubber stamps. I used three relatively inexpensive, generic holiday rubber stamps, but the results were fabulous. I pressed the rubber stamps into hand conditioned clay. I baked the clay according to manufacturer's instructions, allowing for the fact that my toaster oven is a little on the "hot" side. After making my cast, the easy way, with tissues, I let it dry, removed it and sprayed it lightly with matte sealer.

This mold and the resulting cast really have to be seen in person to be appreciated. For this reason, I am offering the mold and the single cast made from it, as my giveaway. To be included in the giveaway, please leave me a comment. By either mentioning the giveaway, or posting one of your favorite art, sewing or craft tips you will be included.

I hope you like this little giveaway- and once again, I want to say thanks to everyone that reads my blog. I love reading yours and hopefully will continue blogging for quite some time.

So basically, drop me a comment and you're entered. I'll keep you updated on the drawing and the winner. Until then, take care and we'll talk soon.


carolyn said...

Hi Susan~
Congratulations on post #100! I will hopefully get there someday. LOL
How generous of you to offer a giveaway too. I've never tried paper casting but it sure looks like fun!

Sharon said...

It's been awhile but I tried paper casting and enjoyed it. I mentioned it here in my blog:

Keep blogging! It's great to share ideas and see what others are creating.


jean benabou said...

Congratulations on your 100th! I've never paid any attention to how many posts I have made on mine!! I hope you keep up the good I really enjoy reading all of your posts!

suze said...

Yes, Congrats! I didn't know about the 100th post thing. I started blogging last August and had no idea how many posts I had, so I checked and it was over 250! I guess I missed my 100th celebration....geesh!

Kims Art said...

100! I enjoy all of your posts and I count you as one of my special blogger friends. I really love the paper casting. I hope to try my hand at soon, but right now to many unfinished projects. Have a great day!

Fran said...

Hi Susan,
Love your paper casting. It's a lot of fun but I haven't done any paper casting since Christmas. :-)
Sign me up for your 100th post giveaway. Was busy having fun making chairs with 5 other doll friends this weekend in my studio.
I'm still working on mine today.
CONGRATS! on your 100th post.

mcdc3s said...

Casting is fun indeed. I'm glad you enjoyed the project. I have to go and check how many posts I've made now. But Happy 100th!

Funky Art Queen said...

congratulations on number 100 blogs. I have enjoyed visiting your blog and receiving your nice and insightful comments on mine.

Pocket Full of Prettys said...

Hi there, I have never tried paper casting. But it looks very interesting. Please count me in. Thanks! Renea

Linda said...

Hi Susan! I am still alive and kicking. lol Hopefully I'll update my blog in the next week. Love the paper castings.

Jenn said...

Hi Susan!! I'm so happy you are a part of blog land!!! Happy 100!!!!

Nichol Brinkman said...

Susan--hurray for your 100th post! And, HURRAY for giveaways. I have definitely enjoyed all your cyber hugs. You are such a warm person.


Tricia said...

wow! 100 already?!!! that's awesome!
love the castings. :)

hope to see you sat!