Sunday, September 7, 2008

I Love Agate

Here is a quick picture of the necklace I just finished. I shaped it into a heart just for fun. It is quite long and lays beautifully.

I got the moss agate chips at the flea market today because I knew I had coordinating beads in my stash. I like to lay various strands of beads on my bead board and see what catches my eye. I found a strand of small glass beads that were burgundy and gold that really spoke to me. I dug through my "Virginia Tech" stash for other burgundy beads and found some that I really liked. I thought they needed something, so I took the trusty 18kt gold leafing pen and did some random designs on the glass beads.

Yes, you can add paint to a nice glass bead if it doesn't suit your design. It's ok, really.

That made all the difference in the world. I then laid them out in a pleasing pattern on the board and looked at them for a few minutes before deciding that they needed to be on eye pin links. Of course, I didn't have the correct size for my main links so I had to make them from 14kt gold wire, and now I am really glad that I went with the links.

Well, now that I have finished patting myself on the back. I'll let you look at the piece again and you decide.

I wear lots of colors that this necklace will go with and I will probably take it on our trip next month. I'm sure the California Girls will love it. Well, that's all for now, take care and have a good rest of the weekend. It's almost time for Big Brother 10. See you soon.


Linda said...

As always, love it! The steampunk band is terrific too. Thanks for sharing your creations!

suze said...

Pretty! Pretty!

Suzie said...

Its very pretty

Amy Sullivan said...

Very Pretty. I love beads. I have an antique dress that is long, black and is practicably completely covered in black jets beads. It is so old that the cloth is falling apart.I need to dig that dress out .I will have to unfold it on a sheet or something, because when I say falling apart, I am not kidding.
I need to do that.~Amy~