Thursday, October 30, 2008

My Backyard

When I'm not beading, drawing, knitting, watching telly, or smooching on my cute husband, I sometimes find time to do the dishes. While doing said dishes this morning, I found myself looking out the window and wondering how we had let the backyard (insert woods here) get so overgrown. I was mindlessly drying a pot when I saw something very large move down in the yard. These good old bifocals let me see quickly that we needed to take a picture. I ran on tip toes to find my hubby ( he thought I was losing it...whispering "honey, honey grab the camera").

We live in a well populated neighborhood, with us and both of our next door neighbors being the only ones with any yards much to speak of. This in not a rural setting, and certainly not extremely quiet, so I was surprised to see this guy having breakfast...

Our neighbor tells us all the time, that he had seen four deer in our yard , or that he saw a deer jumping the split rail fence between our properties. We have been here for six years now and we haven't seen anything but one groundhog and a bunny. This was quite exciting to see.

I grew up in a rural community, although we lived in town. I am familiar with hunting and all the folks that I know, that do hunt, either eat the game themselves or dress it and donate it to the local homeless shelters. I really have no problem with that. Let it be known though, that I absolutely don't agree with poaching or killing for sport or leaving the game where it falls, to possibly suffer.

Anyway, this deer isn't huge, but he's pretty darn big. He could really do some damage to a car, or to you if you accidentally "snuck" up on him. I'm not going to be doing much hiking down there until the brush dies down some. It was fun seeing him, but I really hope that he was just traveling though, cause I am a little freaked out having something that large in my backyard.

Do any of you have wild animal tales (the four legged kind, y'all)? I remember last year someone posted pictures of a bear coming up on their deck. That is the very reason, that I don't have steps from the yard to the deck. I'm a chicken, when it comes to critters. Let us know if you do, I would love to hear them.

Take care and don't forget to go out and get candy, tomorrow is goblin night.

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carolyn said...

Oh my what a large deer! I've only seen a deer when I was driving on the highway in western Mass.
They can be seen in my area but I have never had the good fortune to see one.
Thanks for the reminder about the candy! (I already bought two bags a few weeks ago but it is all GONE!)
Happy Halloween!