Sunday, October 19, 2008

My goodies are in...

Just a quick post to show you the goodies I picked up while out on the Left Coast.

Since I am one of those "I've done that, what's next?" type of gals, I felt like I needed to learn to knit. I got a varied supply of yarns in San Diego in a shop called The Black Sheep. I had tried my hand at knitting about 20 years ago, but wasn't really into it. But fibers are so wonderful these days, that I am ready to get down to it. I got out my book and after several false starts, I decided my hubby was right, I needed "regular" yarn to learn on. I took my coupon and off to Joann's I went. I got some basic yarns and a less complicated book and am having pretty good luck. I know no one wants to see the knotty, loopy sample of my first knitting attempt, so I won't bore you with that, but here are the supplies I got in Cali, for when I get better and ready to attempt more complex projects.

I always try to check out the art supply stores when I'm there, so we went to a different shop this time. It's not Dick Blick, by any means, but I did find some things I really wanted. I have been wanting to try Cernit brand polymer clay and I always need new markers and pens, so I stocked up on Jelly Roll pens as well as lots of markers and some pads that work well with my Copic markers. I only shop like this about once a year, so when my items arrive home, it's so much fun sorting through things and planning projects and such. Anyway, here is what I got...

The absolute next project has got to be cleaning up my studio, so I can get down to business. My hubby is so good about my stuff being everywhere, somehow it migrates upstairs to my side of the sofa, because I love to do something while I am watching tv. If I kept everything in my studio, I would have to stay down there to work on stuff and I want to be upstairs with my cutie pie, when all our shows are on.

So, be on the look out for lots of new stuff coming from me this fall. Most of you know what I like to do, so if you have any ideas on a good project for me, let me know. My altered vest turned out so well, and it was all because of the ideas of my creative friends.

Well, that's all for now. Take care and enjoy the rest of your weekend.


Crafty Gal Linda said...

Bravo on learning how to knit. I prefer knitting to crochet. When I've tried to crochet I always drop stitches. With knitting I find that if I do add or drop a stitch I notice it right away and can correct it. Have fun with it!

Kim said...

I wish I could knit. I took a class last fall and actually made a scarf. But I just don't have the patience for it although I really wish I did. I picked it back up not to long ago and had forgotten EVERYTHING!!! Have fun, I know you will create some WOW with it.

Kims Art said...

I was just reading all the posts since you have been back from your trip. I would love a trip like that! How cool is he! Just to sit back and be able to look at all of your work in one place! Just by looking at the pictures, I know it must have been so cool talking to him! Inspirational! How was the Black Sheep? That would be one of my stops also. I can't wait to see what you do with all those new supplies!

Amy Sullivan said...

New art supplies~
I need to go to Main Art Supply to get more Arches Paper~
It is so impossible to walk out with only what I came in for~

Susan~ my friend Les & I went down to the Obama Campaign Headquarters here in Richmond Sat. morn & got 2 free tickets~each~ to see Dave Mathews Band next Sunday~

In the early 80's Carter the drummer lived with Leslie & Jose~(her now ex-husband) & they had a band called Secrets.That was our band scene back then~ watching Secrets play. They were very good.

Now Carter is all famous & everything.Les~ did get to go to a party at his house in C-ville last year.
Anyway~ you know we two stinkers are going to try & get back stage :)
All the food we cooked back then~he could at least let me do a portrait of his kids~ Right~

:) ~Amy~

Cookie Sunshine said...

Oh, I would have loved to have been there when you were pulling all of your wonderful supplies from the bag. How much fun! It's going to be great to see everything that you come up with!
Have fun.