Friday, December 12, 2008

Happy Friday!

Since getting the digital cable, I have been watching television and staying up past my bedtime. Whilst I dance around to my new music channels, I have been decking the halls. I celebrate the season of Christmas differently than I used to, and my decorating style has changed over the years. Sometimes I go for the "less is more" variety, and that's what I'm doing this year. Here are a few tips to allow yourself to be festive without going overboard.

Sometimes putting your very own reindeer antler/Santa hat headgear on a favorite stuffed bear, makes for a cute decoration. (Don't worry, he'll let me wear it later)

Draping white lights over your hubby's collection of glass chickens looks quite festive...

The addition of a few Christmas ornaments on a low shelf, next to a night light looks cute, also.

Of course, Christmas wouldn't be the same without the traditional songs, sung to the traditional Holiday Rat...

Don't forget the kitchen (that's were we spend a good deal of our time, anyway). Just hook an ornament onto the curtains and you have an easy decoration. Add some holiday dish towels and you have decorated your house in a festive, but in my opinion, somewhat understated way.

Yes, my kitchen is purple..


I enjoyed all the ideas that you gave me for the rubber stamps and I have tried several things. One of the things I did, was a picture using the rubber stamps as holiday elements and drawing a little house, and just coloring in with markers and inktense pencils.

I had fun doing it and as my late Mom used to say, "it kept me off the street". We weren't wild kids at all, but for some reason, she always thought this was extremely funny to say.


In addition to decorating my house for Christmas, I always wear Christmas jewelry. Here are some of the things I have been given over the years...

And here are some of the things that I have made
(edit: not all this year, though)

If you are a jewelry maker, you already have the main components for holiday jewelry. Jewelry findings, such as pin backs and clip or pierced earring wires are a must. Add some jump rings and perhaps an inch or two of chain and you can make quick, easy and pretty snazzy jewelry.

You will see that I found a skirt pin with some loops on it, that made a good sweater pin, but remember to always check and make sure the pin won't leave a big hole in your favorite garment. I usually test the pin part on a similar piece of cloth, or in a seam or area that isn't visible. If the pin has a burr on it, a bit of sandpaper will take care of it.

I sometimes use miniature Christmas tree ornaments for earrings. You can usually find them at the hobby or craft shops and by removing any string or wire that is already on them, you can easily attach them to a jump ring and an earring post or wire.

Polymer clay is perfect for making holiday jewelry, you can stack red, green and white sheets of conditioned clay and form into ribbon candy. You can swirl red and white clay into all sorts of candy cane type things and, since I am into wreaths, I fashioned a little red wreath and added some green leaf cane slices.

The possibilities are endless, as this post seems to be. Sorry for rattling on and on, I'll do better next time. Anyway, remember you can make your house and yourself seem festive and get everyone in the holiday spirit and not have to spend a great deal of money. Take care and keep posting all your decorating ideas, I'm having a ball reading them.


Crafty Gal Linda said...

Susan, you have been a busy bee! I like the drawing and how you used stamps as an element on the page. Cute! "It keeps them off the streets" omgosh haven't heard that one in a long time! thanks for sharing!

Kims Art said...

Less is more can be good and after christmas less to put away. Bears really do have a way about them and he is a really cute one. I love the purple kitchen and I always love your drawings!

Ronnie said...

Hi Susan!
thanks for stopping by Biddy Brain.
Hey, I can throw all my December decorating mags away! You've got it covered and I've never seen a Christmas Rat in a decorating magazine. Thanks for the ideas. I needed some motivation. See you later. And Yes, Sandy is fabulous!

Ronnie said...

Inktense is new to me. Is this how you achieved that glorious sky in your painting? Nice.

Funky Art Queen said...

Love your christmas decorations. I have been finding little inexpensive ornaments (vintage) at garage sales and putting them everywhere in my house. Love those chicken bowls. My grandma had one and she kept those little orange slice candys in it. I loved those things. I used to put them on my teeth and pretend they were my orange teeth. Brings back good memories! Heehee

LuLu said...

Bonjour Susan! Ohhhh! I love these Christmas decorations! And I love your little Christmas house painting! We have a pair of these fur antlers too and the only way we can have the doges wear it is when we place it on their behind, above the tail. It is hilarious, looks like a double-headed creature! Can't send you any snow now, it is all melting away... Have a great week! LuLu

Angela Recada said...

Great ideas - I love the decorated chickens and the festive Christmas rat! How very "Nutcracker" of you!

I've been following your blog for a while and really enjoy visiting. I also love your hair!

Best wishes.

Tricia said...

susan, i was thinking of you and wanted to stop by, visit here in your lovely blogworld for a while, and wish you a merry christmas. :)

AwtemNymf said...

Flew over here from Viv's blog :O)
I work with polymer clay too and I would love to see a tut (if you'll make one) on ribbon candy.
Happy Holidays and I enjoyed my visit! Happy Creating and stay warm!
Faerie Dust!