Friday, February 6, 2009

My Valentine Giveaway...

You may know that I like making polymer clay hearts and I have made quite a few. A Valentine giveaway might be a good way to share them. I usually make jewelry from my pieces, so a few of these hearts already have bail type findings on them, so you can run a cord thru and make a necklace. After making a few in this manner, it occurred to me (finally) that not everyone likes pendants. So...the rest of them do not have findings on them. If you win one and want a finding, just let me know. I have all the tools to add a finding easily. After using the word "finding" four times, I suppose I should mention, that a finding is usually just a piece of metal or such, that makes the piece wearable. Without further chatter, I present to you the hearts of my giveaway.

...Click on the pictures for a better view...

The above hearts are just sort of big and funky. The left one and the bottom one have polymer clay bails.

The hearts in this shot above are more traditional. Softer and sweeter. The top one has a piece of cotton fabric embedded into it and a gold free form bail that I made with a scrap from my good wire. The one on the left is so cute, I made a ruffle from thinly rolled clay and sandwiched the inside edge between two hot pink hearts. The heart on the right is pink and white marbled clay, made using a mold that I made from the bottom heart. The bottom heart has a bit of white paint for a distressed look.

Ok, folks where would you be without some Metal? I'm a metal head (read 80's head banger), and love some Steampunk. Here is my take on the metal...

Steampunk heart left has a gold bail and bits of gold wire, again from my scrap stash of good wire. The right heart has inexpensive findings punched in and will probably tarnish nicely in time.

I have a really nice bead carved from some type of antler. The carving is so precise, I suspect it was machine carved and not one of a kind. Anyway, I used it to make a mold to make the following pieces, mostly because of it's resemblance to the Valentine heart.

I made some of these out of bone colored clay and some out of pink clay. They are all highlighted on the high spots with gold paint. None of these pieces have any findings on them. They are a bit curved on the back side and I think they are almost too pretty to relegate to the jewelry box. I think they would look cute placed next to your computer, so you can think of me when you blog.

Now last, but certainly not least, is the biggest of them all. This piece is big and concave. It would look great as a pendant if you like larger jewelry. If you win this one and want it flat, to glue to a book or box, just let me know and I will reheat it and flatten it out. That's one of the beauties of polymer clay. It is so forgiving.

Yes, you are seeing correctly. It's Minnie Mouse waving at you from a this red, gold and black highlighted heart. It's a bit busy, but I think it's really cute.

Well, now if you have made it this far, I'll bet you do want to participate in the giveaway. Here is what I have decided on. Please leave me a comment saying which heart you want and why. I will do the drawings next Friday (the day before Valentines) for each heart and then if I have any hearts left over I will pop them in randomly with the winners.

You don't have to have a blog to participate. If you are a reader of my blog, but don't have your own blog...just go to my profile and e-mail me your "comment" and I will add you to the names in the hat.

I hope you like this little giveaway and want to participate, I think it will be fun.

That's it for now, I'll be back later with my take on some of the tags I have received recently. Take care and have a great Friday!


Kristen Hermanny said...

Steampunk is awesome! I also like the one's with the faces that almost look like bone.
Your creations are lovely! I love playing with clay, but usually make figures.
I wouldn't mind one of these. :)!!!

Happy Friday, Susan. I hope you have a great weekend!

Crafty Gal Linda said...

These pieces are stunning. I just got out my polymer clay and am thinking of working on it this weekend if I get a chance.

Vicki said...

All of the pieces are beautiful. I'd love to be crafty, but I'm missing that gene! I almost bought some play doh last week, but didn't. Hey, ya gotta start somewhere! I love the Minnie Mouse one most of all. My father loved Minnie Mouse and it reminds me of him!

Have a good weekend!

Shirley said...

Hi Susan,
Very nice. I think my favorite is the one on the right in the top group. You're very creative. I tried working with this at one time and didn't do very well. Oh well.

Kims Art said...

My favorite is the bone colored faces! I also am leaning toward the heart on the right top pic.

Sue said...

I like the heart on the top right and the minnie mouse one also....You do a reat job....Thanks for a chance to win one...

Pocket Full of Prettys said...

Lovely pieces of art. Please count me in! Hugs***Renea

jean benabou said...

You have been mighty busy!!!
All of your hearts have unique personalities....
I like the ones with faces the best!

Funky Art Queen said...

Love all the hearts but my favorite is on the very top group to the east...I like it the best because it looks like two pieces together and because you called them "funky" the ones with faces too.

Tina said...

Oh how I would be thrilled to wear any of them, I am loving the ones with the metal in them like the Steampunk one and it's friend. Love, Love!
Please add me to your giveaway.
Blessing to you my dear

Suzie said...

I like the faces ones.

Angela Recada said...

All of the hearts are beautiful and so distinctive! You are so generous to be giving them away.

I'd be proud to wear any one of them! :)


Tricia said...

they are all beautiful susan. you are so creative!!!

vivian said...

hi susan.. I love playing with polymer clay too, though I make dolls with it more then anything thing else. used to make beads about 12 years or so ago when I first discovered it. your hearts are lovely. I think I like the red and purple one the best, just because its cute! so add me to your list, I'd love to win!

Amy Sullivan said...

~I love the Steampunk hearts~
the one to the right rocks~

~I also like the face hearts~ they would make awesome buttons~

~Happy Valentines Day~


Amy Sullivan said...

~I love the Steampunk hearts~
the one to the right rocks~

~I also like the face hearts~ they would make awesome buttons~

~Happy Valentines Day~


Fran said...

Love all your hearts!! Makes me want to play with my polymer clay.

The one with Minnie Mouse is my favorite, yes I love Minnie Mouse and Mickey too. :-)
Love your work.

Cindy Lietz, Polymer Clay Tutor said...

Susan it looks like you are getting a great response to your hearts! They are all really fun and would be a pleasure to wear!

I think of all of your hearts, my favorite is the very top heart in the funky group, with the seed beads pressed into its surface.

I like this one because the colors flow nicely together, its shape is a little quirky, there is a nice texture to it and it appears to be finished nicely.

I also think it is pleasing to look at from far away. (When you see a small picture of something you get a feel for what it looks like at a distance, and if it still looks good even small, it is a good design.)

It is very nice of you to be offering your hard work as a giveaway. Have a happy Valentines Day!

Ronnie said...

Hey, Susan. I came over to tell you how much I like your new picture.
Beautiful. Saw you over at Sandy's.
A giveaway! Yeah! I'm in. Cute stuff.
I just bought my first box of Sculpy last week. Everything I've made looks warped. Just Horrible.

Ronnie said...

You can reheat and smash it somemore? I didn't know that.
I'm not trying to get another chance although that would be fine.
I like Minnie Mouse and all the faces are fabulous!

Rebecca Ramsey said...

Susan, what beautiful hearts! My favorites are the ones made from bone colored clay highlighted with gold. They really do look carved. Lovely!

Rebecca Ramsey said...

PS. I love your new picture. (Or maybe it's not new and I just haven't noticed...but you look gorgeous!)

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Oooooh!!! These are wonderful!!! Please toss my name in the hat! :> )

cherokeefox said...

I love the red metal heart on the right. I love the coined ridge edge and the embellishments on the right look like a seahorse. I love the abstract look of it. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!!

LuLu said...

Bonjour Susan! Thanks for reminding me of your giveaway! I have been so busy that I totally forgot to add my name! Oh!!! I love the Minnie Mouse heart! It is so organic, so funky, such a mixture of this and that, just my kinda heart! Take care, LuLu xxx

suze said...

Holy cow what a line here. SWEET hearts! You reminded me to look for a couple heart pins that I have. Would love to add one of yours to my collection.
Happy Friday!