Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Wrestler

It's been quite a while since we went to see a movie, but DH has been anxiously awaiting "The Wrestler" with Mickey Rourke. We are both fans of old school professional wrestling and have been to several matches, with both big time professionals and small time locals. All that being said, here is a quick review of this movie.

It was very realistic and very raw. I averted my eyes during more than one scene. Mickey Rourke made me like him by allowing me to like his character. I have always appreciated the theatrics of professional wrestling and I have always known how tough this sport is, even though it is choreographed and always touted as "fake". Mickey's character has a deep respect and love for his profession and all his team mates. He just can't seem to make life work outside the ring.

Several of the sentiments in this film may seem predictable and a bit formulaic, but sometimes that's how real life is. I think that's the thing about this movie... I kept forgetting that it was a scripted movie and not a documentary. It even looks like Mickey is doing his own fighting and stunts. It really was pretty intense. If Mickey Rourke doesn't win the Oscar for this film, it won't be his fault.

The supporting actors were just as good and believable in their performances. This may be the movie that some folks don't want to admit that they liked, don't want to admit that they were moved by it. I have no problem telling you that it moved me.

It is violent, it has nudity, adult situations and four letter words, but none of these things were unwarranted. It seemed real...very real...and I was sorry it ended.

Thumbs up from me, but not for the squeamish.


Funky Art Queen said...

Sounds like something hubby would like, will let him know. When I was a kid, we would watch wrestling every Friday night and Uncle would go get us all a candy bar to enjoy with the wrestling. It was so much fun.

jean benabou said...

Sounds like an interesting movie...I saw on a few shows that it is a movie that is reflective of his own life experience.
My great grandmother loved wrestling and the roller derby and watched both faithfully!
I've never cared much for sports except steeple chasing....

marni said...

I was a fan of wrestling as a pre-teen and I got to see Barry Wyndham's naked buttocks at a live wrestling match...I was most embarassed for him and most embarassed for me...I shreiked with delight!

I really want to see the Wrestler too...but I'll wait until it's on DVD. :)

Hope you and DH are doing well.

Kristen Hermanny said...

I think MR was a boxer for a while in real life after leaving acting for a while.
I like action movies, so this is something DH and I would probably go to. We saw taken this weekend and it was very good. I love Liam Neeson and it wasn't so suppenseful where you felt sick to your stomach at the end.
I think we will have to check out this wrestling movie. I was a Brutus the Barber Beefcakes fan as a kid. I liked all muscle men in tights in my teen years.


Crafty Gal Linda said...

Hi! The only movies I get to are usually kid oriented. Mostly I get them when they come out on dvd. Any who, glad you enjoyed the movie. I'm not a big Mickey Rourke fan. I love his early work but he sort of creeps me out now. As for the journal page, I gesso'd a magazine image and doodled. Thanks for stopping. And no you are not in the giveaway so please leave a comment at that post. TTFN

Jenn said...

My Dad was a huge wrestling fan when we were little. I'm interested in seeing this...thanks for the review Susan!! and thanks for stopping by my blog today:):) Happy week to you