Monday, June 29, 2009

Need I say more?

He is eating well, and using the litter box. We clipped the sharp ends of his tiny needle claws and he seems to be adapting quite well to his new surroundings.

A full tummy and it's nap time.

How cute is this? Just wanted everyone to know that we have a new member of the family. I was used to 12 to 15 pounds cats jumping in my lap. This little guy is light as a feather and as fluffy as one too. I hope he grow up to be a big cat. Haven't decided on a name yet, but I'm sure something will stick soon. So far, it's just been "Buddy". DH went to the flea market yesterday and there were kittens for free. He checked him out, as to how healthy he looked, the size of his tail and such and when he saw a family headed lickety split for the kittens, he scooped him up and called me. What else could I say? "Bring him on home with you, Darling. If you like him, I'm sure I will." I sort of wish we could have gotten two, but I think he will be ok on his own. We haven't made his vet appointment yet, but that will be very soon.

So that's all for today. I didn't get much work done on the coiled purse, because I didn't want to leave him upstairs alone and I need to kitten proof my art area before letting him explore. I promise this will not turn into a kitty kat blog, but I will be posting pictures of him periodically. So take care and start thinking of names.


Angela Recada said...

How cute!

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Oh my goodness!!! I'm in love!!!
Reminds me of the one kitty I had when I was a young'un. We called her "Charcoal." :> )
Congratulations on your new furbaby!


Marie S said...

Awwwwwwwwwww congrats on your new friend! He is a charmer.
How fun!

Crafty Gal Linda said...

Awww such a teeny weeny little ball of cute fur! How sweet. I like Italian names so how about Luca?

Sea Gypsy said...

He is adorable! I can see why the DH had to have him:)I am sitting here trying to think of names oh, I got a few, Jazz, Smoky, Pepper. That is all I can think of to contribute, but I know you will love him and that is all that matters. Give that baby a hug from me!

Liska said...

wow, the remote control puts into perspective how very tiny s/he is.
I agree with Sea Gypsy. Looks like a smokey.
Liska x

Marie S said...

You could name him smudge!
There is something for you on my blog when you get a chance to come by.

Lisa said...

Too cute!

Annette said...

So exciting! A new kitty-cat! He's so adorable. Wait a little bit to see what his personality is like, and maybe that will help you decide on a name. I have 5 cats and we just HAD to name one of them "Duct Tape". He had a frightening (but funny) experience with duct tape when he was younger.

Kristen said...

Orson Wells.
What a sweetie. I love kitties.
My brother had a cat named KC. Kitty Cat.
I can't wait to get a cat again.

Thank you for the nice invite to vent. I may take you up on that.

Have a great day, Susan! Have fun with your new fur-baby.