Monday, July 6, 2009

Back to the old grind...

We hit our local flea market on Saturday and I bought some art. Some would call it outsider art, some would call it drawings, some might be at a loss for words. I like it very much. The artist is local, a veteran and quite a talker. I like to support our local art community, but for me that means buying original art thru the flea market and yard sales. I'm not crazy about going downtown to our artsy section where the artist rent really nice spaces and have spent as much time decorating their shops, as on they have on the art that they produce (notice I didn't say create). Don't get me wrong, I realize that if you make your living thru your art sales, that presentation is the key. It just seems that the artists villages in most downtown areas are so similar. I'd just as soon go back in an out building and step over chunks of wood and cans of paint to see what someone is working on. I guess I'm just not a gallery type person. All that being said, here are the drawings we bought.

The hubby liked this one because of the farm animals.

I like the water wheel and the stone structure on this one.

We also attended the local tea party on Saturday. I hate it that "they" always refer to these events as protests. To me protests conjures up images of ratty haired ne'er do wells, trying to start trouble at events that they aren't really passionate about. This was a very friendly gathering of like minded people from all political parties, just trying to find a way to do something about the things that are important to them. I am not an activist, in any sense of the word, but attending a peaceful meeting and listening to speakers is something I can do. Here are some shots of the folks in the crowd.

Just everyday folks from all walks of life.

Patriots come in all ages. These young gentleman were there to listen and to learn to form their own opinions.

After we came home we had yummy hamburgers and chips and watched tv as the fireworks boomed around us. Our neighborhood is located in such a fashion that we could hear several events going on. The kitty was a bit startled at first, but with a bit of consoling, he settled down and wasn't bothered at all.

And, speaking of the kitty, we decided on a name for him. We had been thinking of biblical names, so to quote Jerry Reed, we "named him after a man of the cloth"; we call him Amos Moses

Amos, with the help of his Mommy and Daddy, has started his own blog. He is off and running (in more ways than one) and I hope you will come by and leave him lots of comments. That way he will be encouraged to give you updates on a regular basis. Anyway, his blog is called Amos Says... so stop in and say hi and watch his new video.

That's it for today. Hope everyone had a wonderful Independence Day weekend. Get back into the groove and have a great week!


Ronnie said...

What a nice post. I enjoyed reading about your view of galleries and their same old same old. I agree. There is a place in the North Georgia mountains I love to visit for outsider art called the Funky Chicken Art Project. It truly is an old chicken house.
I hope the tea parties continue to build steam. This is the essence of America!
Nice new art you found. LOve those funky pigs!

Crafty Gal Linda said...

How sweet. Welcome little Amos to the blog world. BTW, I like the art you picked up locally.

vivian said...

Youre a nut! running over to check out amos moses's blog!
have a sweet week!

PJ's talking... said...

I love those paintings. So much detail. You did good! I'm in love with the kitty. Amos is very cute. Aren't kittys and puppies the best?! xo PJ

Amy Sullivan said...

Love the drawing w/ the waterfall~
and, goodness, so much more~
i have been out of bloggyworld for a bit~
love your handbag~ MAN!
that was alot of work & it is lovely.
So, happy to be back!

Suzie said...

I love the art how cool

lagirl/sweet tea said...

Loved your art "finds".
Where will you display them?
Looks like your 4th of July celebration was great!
Amos is a beaut!