Friday, July 10, 2009

What was in that box?

You may remember that I mentioned that we went to the thrift store to donate some things, and a very generous lady gave the hubs a box for helping her carry stuff from her car. It was a box of children's books from days gone by.

I never read The Happy Hollisters when I was young. So you can believe that I am going to read all of these. The woman that gave the books to us, said they were hers when she was a child. There was apparently a Weekly Reader book club and she got most of them thru that .

I was read to each night before bed and then after I got old enough, I started reading my own books. They started me off on The Bobbsey Twins, and then I went on the the "Little Eddy" series and moved on to Nancy Drew, Trixie Belden and then Cherry Ames. Not quite what kids read today, I guess, but I loved all of them. They were good clean fun and almost always had a positive message worked into the stories. Maybe that's why I have always had such a positive attitude about things.

There are also some horse books, a book about a dog, some other mysteries and yes, even several Trixie Beldens.

What a nice gift to just hand over to someone. I could have never parted with such a box of books. I have a few of my own childhood books, but not this many. These will hold an honored place in my collection of really good stuff.

Thanks to all for the kind and encouraging comments on my new camera. I am slowly learning all the ins and outs. I'm not used to using the viewfinder and I keep leaving my nose print on the monitor. I will be trying out all kinds of stuff, not just photographing the kitten. I had done some pretty nice shots in the past, but now with the computer photo programs that are available, I can be creative, in an "outside the box" way with the camera.

For instance, start out with a simple close up of the hubby's acoustic, then just add a computerized glass bubble and you get this...

I know this may seem a bit silly or simple to the computer artists out there, but it's a start. If you have a favorite photo program or a favorite effect, let me know. I have seen such cool ones. Like the ones that look like you have written in the snow or the sand...where do those come from? I'm still fairly new to all this stuff. I have been using a home computer for about seven years, but have never really learned to do anything super cool.

My sister is sending me a goody bag from her favorite fiber and yarn store in CA, so perhaps soon I will have that to share.

In the meantime, have a great weekend and if there are any Big Brother fans out there, be sure to let me know. The new season started last night and it looks like it's going to be fun.

Well, that's all for now. Take care and be creative, whether it's in the kitchen, inventing a new dish, or getting out your stash and working on your favorite crafts. Shucks, for that much, you can get creative by just folding the bathroom tissue into a point, like they do in the fancy hotels. Creativity is everywhere. You just have to let it happen and enjoy.


suze said...

You have a great weekend too!
Love the glass bubble.

vivian said...

I just got a chuckle thinking about folding the tissue everytime I leave the bathroom. I wonder if anyone here would even notice! heehee! something tells me they wouldnt.
have fun with your new camera!
and have a sweet weekend

Silver said...

I agree with you about the books. They look like such good books and in condition that will still be good for a long time to come. I am glad to hear of the pleasure that you're going to get from them. ;)


Jill of All Trades said...

I absolutely LOVED to read Trixie Belden when I was young. My cousin & I would stay at our grandparents in the summer and she would bring a suitcase of books, Nancy Drew and Trixie Belden. Wonderful memories.

Crafty Gal Linda said...

What a wonderful gift of books. I hear that Adobe Elements (the more economical photo shop program) is good. You might want to research that and see if you like it. I'm going to go freak out my hubs and sons and fold the toilet paper in a point. They'll think someone broke in. roflol

Angela Recada said...

Wow - you really hit the jackpot with that box of books! I'm with Suze, too. Love the glass bubble. And I completely agree with your attitude about creativity.
Happy weekend,

Suzie said...

All those books got thrown out from my grandmothers house. I still cant look at a Bobsie Twin book without wanting to cry