Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I love purple...

Have I ever mentioned that I love purple? My kitchen is light shades of purple. My room as a teen was purple with a purple crushed velvet bedspread. I would wear nothing but purple, but I do try to work in other colors. Anyway, all that is leading to my current project. I had forgotten how much I love to sew and I can't seem to put my machine away to make any jewelry or polymer clay. I just want to sew and sew!

Sew, here is what I did last week and over the weekend. (When I wasn't eating donuts, that is.)

I picked out some really retro, 70's looking cotton and made an over sized top to wear with jeans. To stay with that retro look, I added white hem tape as the trim.

I have some beautiful fabric that my uncle, God Rest His Soul, brought me from his mission trip to Africa. I haven't wanted to use it, but I did cut off a strip and made it into a pretty cool head band.

Here is the close up version...

I sewed elastic onto the back of the headband and it could actually be used as a necklace, if I were so inclined.

And last, but certainly not least, I created these little fingerless gloves/gauntlet type thingies.

My hands freeze when I work at the computer or if I am sitting around reading. I have a pair of black lace fingerless gloves that I wear, but they just aren't very warm. So I had a remnant of fleece tucked away which worked perfectly. The fun thing about fleece is you don't have to hem the edges unless you want to. At first I didn't stitch the edges, but it had enough stretch that I decided to do a ruffle edge. To do that, you stretch your fabric as you zig-zag it and it ruffles. Such a neat trick. For the embellishment I cut out several of the flowers from the retro purple fabric and combined them with hand made polymer clay buttons for a one of a kind look.

Well, that's my art for today. Hope everyone is off to a great start this Monday. Enjoy your week, stay cool and creative and we'll talk soon.


Crafty Gal Linda said...

Very cute! I like purple too but red is my all time favorite. In the 80's I was a purple freak but it still holds a special place in my heart. :)

Life Potentials Network said...

Wow! LOVE all your creations! I love purple too, but then being a color gal I love all the colors, some more than others. Purple is all about healing, transitioning, spirituality, magical moments and moving through grief. I truly love it. Enjoy your beautiful purple creations! They are amazing!

Sea Gypsy said...

Happy Anniversary to you both! The DH and I will have our 27th Friday. I told him we should do donuts. I love the shirt and the headband! You can never go wrong with purple. I have been thinking about crocheting a pair of those gloves, but I like your idea better!

Angela Recada said...

Very nice! I especially love the headband and little gloves with the polymer buttons. All the different shades of purple are so pretty.

vivian said...

love the little top you made! I like light shades of purple, but I dont think i own anything purple at all!I'm looking around my house and see no purple! well, there is a little bit of lavender in the wallpaper boarder in this room.
have a sweet day Susan!

Tina said...

You are a free spirit and like fresh air. I like how eclectic you are in your art. You inspire me to do different things and I haven't sewn in years. Don't even know if that machine works anymore.
Time to dust it off.

jean benabou said...

Purple! Definitely your color!
My daughter loves purple too!
You have so much energy in your creative projects.
Can I have some too?
Thanks for the nice comment on my blog too :)

suze said...

Also a big fan of purple (after pink of course) I painted my first 56 Chevy purple.
Love the headband (cute photo)they cost a small fortune at craft shows. And love the fingerless gloves...grat idea!

Suzie said...

cool stuff. I like pruple too

Rag-a-Muffin Collectibles said...

Nice to meet you Susan. I like happy people! My sister was the purple lover in our family, her room was purple. Further to your purple love, I Love YOUR hair! Now that's something my sister told me not to do... so you go girl! I did. Grey rocks! (oh my hands get cold at the computer too, I made some gloves from, what else, felted wool!)
Happy & Grey

Michele said...

Susan - thank you for commenting on my "green" blog entry... didn't know you had done a purple one! I love all of these cute items but especially the headband! I wonder what it means if you drive a purple car... hee, hee!

Fran said...

I love purple also. The headband and gloves are perfect. You have been very busy creating.

Artgalcrafts said...

Hi Susan my fav col is purple as well as turquoise so now I know why we are alike.
I loved the pic of you with the head band and will keep it in my comp.
Love those fingerlings just what is needed on a cold day.