Friday, September 25, 2009

Gasp, cough, gulp

Oh my, I cannot believe that it's been an entire week since I posted. I have been a "poor me baby" this week. Wah. My elbow hurt all week and I didn't do anything that would delay the healing of whatever is wrong with it. I thought that I could safely antique some polymer clay elements and apparently popped a blood vessel in my hand while doing that. I have no idea how that happened, but I've had a huge bruise on my finger all week, as well. So you can see that my plan of resting the hand hasn't worked so well. Since I'm going crazy from not doing something creative, I made this little necklace last night.

Pardon the helmet hair, friends, this picture is to show the necklace. I saw a similar piece in the J. Jill catalog and said to my hubby, I could make that in 10 minutes, so that's what I did. Just saved my self $39.00. I had previously wire wrapped a bunch of beads and used them in a bracelet. It never really felt right on my arm and I disassembled it and kept the dangles for a future project. This was so easy, I used inexpensive leather "string" from Michaels and just strung an element and tied a knot through the jump ring part of the element to keep it from shifting on the leather. I made it long enough to wrap around twice and just tied the ends together. This picture doesn't really show how cute the necklace is.

This would be a great way to use charms and other dangles that you have, or you could plan it out and make specific dangles for that favorite outfit.

Speaking of favorite outfits, I watched Project Runway last night for the first time and I loved it. I saw the episode where they made outfits from newspapers and several of them were fabulous. Have you folks been watching this show from the start? What have I missed and how could I have not known about the coolness factor of the challenges?

Well, this weekend will be spent doing little projects like sketching and doodling and tidying up in the studio. I hope you all have something fun to do, or at least to keep you occupied and out of trouble. My Mom used to always say, when I was doing one of my infamous projects "well, at least it keeps her off the streets". She was joking, because I was such a homebody and always so happy to be tucked inside reading or drawing, crocheting or sewing. It was my sister that "always kept the roads hot", meaning that she loved to go, she would "go" at the drop of a hat and even a ride around town after dinner was an adventure. She is still like that, so next month when we visit, I can count on a lengthy ride around her favorite places, being shown things that she finds a larger than life figure made out of vehicle mufflers. With her you just never know.

Well that's it for today. I'll try to be a better blogger and post more often. Enjoy your weekend and hug someone you love, and tell them it's from me.


Crafty Gal Linda said...

The necklace looks cute and it is always cool when you can make something you see in a catalog and save some bucks! I love the saying "it keeps me off the streets". Have a great weekend!

Nezzy said...

Great job on the necklace. Don't ya just love saving all that moola? I am happy as a clam in the sunshine around the Ponderosa working in the gardens and around the house. Dad always said of My sister that she wasn't happy unless the gas was sloshing in her gas tank. Of course he always said she had diarrhea of the mouth, too.

Enjoy your blessings this weekend!!!

Liska said...

You have such a glow about you and that hair length really suits you.

Hope you are well.

Liska xx

vivian said...

I think your hair is cute on you! I dont think it looks like helmet head at all! and the necklace is lovely. dont you love when you can find a way to recreate something that you saw and loved and it turns out just right?
have a fun weekend!

Michele said...

Hey Susan - so sorry to hear about your elbow... hope it's feeling better now. The necklace is lovely and saving big bucks is always fun! You know, I watched the first one or two Project Runway shows and I loved them. Somehow stopped watching them but thanks for the reminder! Don't beat yourself up about blogging more often... we all do the best we can and that's ok. Have a great weekend!

Sea Gypsy said...

The necklace is great! Your hair looks great! Are you still try to grow it out? I love Project Runway! I have watched it since the beginning. I really love it when they give the challenges of making something other than using material.

Kristen said...

That is a great way to get what we want as far as clothes or jewelry goes, make it yourself. This is great. I wish I could sew like my mom, who made all our clothes in school except our jeans. And you, I wish I had your jewelry talent, girl.
This fall the fashion cues I have heard is... when you are all ready to go, go back in your closet and add an accessory. Lucky you, you have plenty choices to do that with!!!

Have a GREAT week!
hope your elbow feels better soon.


Tina said...

You just amaze me . You are always busy even with a hurt elbow. you can't keep down the creative.

Artgalcrafts said...

Hi Susan
Wondered where you had got to.
didnt realise your arm was so bad that it could keep you away from your beloved pastimes.
Hope it gets better soon
Good for you rising above it and making your pretty necklace.
Yes I say that too when I see things.
I can make that.
All the best for a good recovery
love you