Thursday, November 12, 2009

Oh the woes of Wally World

Every time I leave Walmart, I swear I'll never go back. But I always do. Back when I was still working and the hubs was working from home, he would go to Walmart very early and had little difficulty. Now that I'm home, we go places together.

We are quickly getting our items from the list as we scoot through the aisles. This is the way we always shop at Walmart, as our plan is to get in and out as quickly as possible and avoid as many hassles as we can. We must look like a couple from the Amazing Race, or Shop till You Drop. Well, maybe we aren't quite that bad, but you get the picture. We get all 12 of our items and head for the 15 items or less checkout. In front of us, in said 15 items or less checkout, is a lady struggling with several huge items, and about 75 regular sized items (the cart was full). After several minutes of watching her try to unwedge her purchase from the bottom of the cart to place on the counter, I asked the checkout gal if there is another 15 and under area open. She just raises her shoulders and some wispy words of some sort float from her mouth. The hubby then, asks the full cart lady, quite nicely I must add, why she is in the 15 or less check out with a full cart. She replies, I'm getting tobacco and I always have to get it here. DH says, well why don't you get check out in the right area and then get your tobacco? Instead of apologizing and saying, "you know I never thought of that", she said "that would be a lot of trouble". After checking out in another area, we found a manager and talked to him. We can all still see the women with her gazillion items going through the quick checkout, which isn't even big enough to hold her groceries, and he told us that they are not allowed to ask someone with too many items to go to another checkout.

Grrrr, what is wrong with people? What is wrong with Walmart? What is wrong with this world? In a country where we have more freedoms and options available to us then anywhere else in the world, a store like this should be considered a fairly nice place to shop. But people shuffle about in slippers and stop in front of you and lolly gag and scratch and talk on those dang cellular phones. Who are they calling, anyway? Hang up and get on with your shopping!

As we were leaving, the lady, who is still checking out, sheepishly mouths "sorry" to us. Do I feel bad for saying something? No, actually, I do not. Maybe she learned something today. Like, she isn't the only person in the store, and to use some common sense next time. Geesh, some things drive me crazy.

That's my rant for today. What about you? Any stories regarding WalMart? What are your pet peeves?

Whew, I'm tired from all that fussin', better go get a nice warm beverage and settle down. Talk to you later.


Artgalcrafts said...

Hi Susan
loved your story on the 15 items line . We have those here and exactly the same things happens, especialy when I only have a short time left to get out to catch a bus and so it goes on. Was there this week and thought I had enough time BUT you get to the counter and in front of you the checkouts til dont work or they have to set it up again or the persons card dont work and they fiddle around looking for one that does.
That spoilt what I thought was plenty pf time, so I know what you mean. Still you do meet some nice people in the line waiting with the same thoughts as you , so its very social there too LOL.
BTW I missed that bus, Groan!!!!


Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Okay, I won't get on my soapbox because everyone knows how I feel about Walmart.
I will say society has this "me first" mentality. I see it in everyday life and on television. Check out those reality shows. Its shocking and sadly, is excepted. Everyday I say to myself it can't get any worse and every day it does. :> (

Nezzy said...

I have actually had a full and started to head to the correct check out and been called over to a vacant 15 items or less. I will state I have a full basket here and they will insist that I come there for check~out. Now, I get agitated if I have a couple items and get behind someone with many items and have to wait. Inevitably someone with one or two items will come behind me and have to wait. What's a girl to do when they are so persistent???

I could rant all day long and then some about Wally World but in a one horse town it's pretty much it. They have closed down all the Mom and Pop stores because they can't compete with the prices.

Have a great day filled with blessings and short lines!!!

Tina said...

I have a similar experience of a woman in front of me who was at least creative. She split her near 30 items up into two seperate orders. Still annoying.
Anyway, glad you said something. But it's funny how so many areas in the world today set up rules, but don't hold anybody accountable to adhear to those rules. They "aren't allowed" to say anything to these people? What's the point in the rule? Frustrating.
Wish there were other options than WalMart and that customer service was a priority.

Kristen said...

I have been here, and hate wally world. Your writing makes me laugh. I get so angry in Wally World. My least favorite place is Costco, or Sam's Club type stores. I love your amazing race analogy. My hubby and I get so irritated with people too.
I think people should get retested for their drivers license every 4 years too! Ridiculous. I live near Chicago, and everyone drives pretty considerately! As soon as we cross over into Wisconsin UGG! People stay in the passing lane on the interstate and just stay there, even if they are right next to another car in the driving lane. And if you signal that you need to get over, people speed up so you cannot get into THEIR lane! And the closer it gets to Christmas the worse it gets!