Friday, February 12, 2010

Frivolous Friday

Frivolous because I really don't have anything much to say. Got out today and ran some errands...

Piles of snow everywhere, even at the bank (snow bank, get it?)

Went to see Crazy Heart with Jeff Bridges, liked it a lot, but I kept thinking that Jeff Bridges was Kris Kristofferson, I got a bit weepy at the end, but it was really good and the music was good, too.

Went to Merle Norman to get some nail polish, but they only carry OPI nail color now, and I can get that cheaper at the mall, so no new nail color today. I didn't realize that Merle Norman was discontinuing their brand of polish, or I would have stocked up. Grr.

DH took a picture of me in my new glasses with relatively good hair today, so I'll share that with you.

Other than going out to lunch yesterday and to a movie today, DH and I aren't doing much for Valentines Day. I'm kind of funny about Valentines Day. It started back in grade school when we were supposed to give those little Valentine cards to all our classmates. It actually started when I was in first grade, my Mom, after trying to deal with me and my siblings waiting till the last minute to address the valentine cards, decided it would be a lot quicker if she wrote the names on the cursive. That meant that the next morning in school, six year old me couldn't read any of the names on the envelopes, and had to traipse back and forth asking Mrs. Henderson, the teacher what each envelope said. Needless to say, thirty trips back and forth to the boxes would have been too much for her, so then she takes over and puts them into the boxes. Not a good way to start Valentines Day, huh? Then fast forward to sixth grade and yes, we still have to put a valentine in those stupid boxes. But the cards they got me to give out all said I love you on them, or be mine and that didn't sit well with me. Man, I couldn't catch a break, I just wasn't into any of the boys in my class, or many of the girls for that matter, (they all teased me because I was the chubby girl). It never occurred to me to not put a valentine in every box, I mean how rude would that be?...anyway, I took my pen and crossed out love on the cards and wrote like instead. For some reason, the adults thought this alteration was hilarious when the teacher ratted me out the next day.

As an adult, it didn't get much better when my boyfriend of almost ten years, waits until after Valentines day to pick up left over candy that was on sale...the reasons for not liking Valentines day go on and on.

Blessedly, as you know, I now have a wonderful, loving husband who would go all out on Valentines Day and would take me where ever I want to go, by I'd rather stay at home with him, watching shows that he tapes for me and feeding him my homemade chili and watching him doze off in front of the tv. That's what Valentines Day is really about for me. He has bought me jewelry and perfume and candy and clothes over the years, but sitting beside him watching our shows is the best present anyone could get. Like the song says, who could ask for anything more?

So what started out as a frivolous post, turned into a happy post about my sweet hubby. If you haven't seen him for a while, here is an older picture of us together. I think he looks so cute here.

So there you have it. This little photo is my Valentine to you. Hope you have a great weekend and a wonderful Valentines day. If your day doesn't turn out the way you planned, remember you could be forced to send love notes to kids you don't really love. In other words, it could always be worse. Take care and embrace and enjoy what the day brings, I know I will.


Nezzy said...

Oh you two are just adorable together. You and your new glasses are just too cute!

God bless and have a wonderfully blessed Valentine's Day!!!

BlueRidgeLady said...

Awww ya'll look so cute!! Love your new glasses, you look mahhhvelous!! My hubby ended up going to my neighbors at my cabins, home in Decatur- he stays there sometimes if they are up here because it is closer to work, but the snow shut Atlanta down this afternoon...everyone still trying to get we may be texting each other love notes if he isn't able to get here!! Ya'll enjoy the shows and each other! Sounds like a plan! Hugs!

Peri said...

New tri-focals? Mine are still bi-focals, Sis! But your hair always looks better than mine! I agree about Valentine's Day...we are staying home and watching TV..much safer and much cheaper! The art is interesting is, in my humble opinion, one of your greatest skills --jewelry and blog writing!
As for the photo -it is still cute.

Jill said...

I just love your positive outlook on life! The next time my husband falls asleep in front of the tv I'll try to feel blessed instead of annoyed - ha. Happy weekend ~ Jill

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Love the new glasses! I can tell by your eyes you are beautiful both inside and out. (Your hubs too) :> )
I'm not big into Valentine's Day either. Way too commericalized.
Nor am I a movie goer but will wait 'til it comes out on DVD to see it. Have a great weekend my friend.

Ronnie said...

That was a joy to read. I love that you're in love. It's wonderful!!
Enjoy your day with your DH. Aren't DVR's the best!
You look fab in your new specs.

June said...

Hoo boy, do I remember those Valentine's boxes...and y'hadda give everybody in the class a card. It was A Rule.
New glasses nice!
I love the way your hair is going gray. I had hoped that mine would do it that way, but it didn't. I ended up with a pale smoke gray lock here and there. Kind of like the Mrs. in The Addams Family. :-\

openid said...

The new glasses are you. And ya'll make the cutest couple! Those smiles are the best.
Susan, when you're totally bored, nothing to do, please change my link to I'm rarely on PJ's Talking. thanks a bunch!

Vicki's Bit-o-earth said...

Oh how terrible!!!! I'd be a bit pissy about Valentines Day too! Good thing you found that wonderful guy though! Sounds like it all turned out great. And I love your new glasses. They suit you beautifully (: xxVicki

Sea Gypsy said...

It is so good to get back to reading my favorite blogs and yes yours is one of them! It has been cold here also, just no white stuff. I love the new glasses they look good on you! I want to go see that movie, so thanks for the thumbs up. I think all of the collage pieces you did are fabulous! I have been wanting to get back to doing some jewelery myself. I better go check out those trends. That is a great pic of you and the DH!

suze said...

Love the new glasses and your hair.
I hate when bad things from the past mess up things in the now.
Cute photo of you and hubby. How is Amos Moses doing? Is he all grown up? They grow so fast.

Funky Art Queen said...

He is a cutey, Emilio Estivez (sp) comes to mind. You are so sweet, I always come read your blog. xoxo

Kristen said...

Snow Bank is just too funny, you crack me up, Susan!