Tuesday, March 16, 2010

In between projects

I'm in the process of making an art bead for a challenge that is due before April 1, but in the mean time I thought I'd pop in and just say hi and post a few fun links. I'll be posting some art soon, but I thought until then I would ask you a quick question...do you have little guilty pleasures? One of mine is watching court shows. It started back in the old days with Judge Wampner and The Peoples court. These days I love to watch Judge Mathis and Judge Judy. I have to think of my little uncle (God rest his soul), of how much he loved and respected Judge Judy, so I don't feel but so guilty about it.

Anyway, what is your little pleasure, that perhaps no one knows? I have several...in addition to my judge shows, I love watching reality shows in general. I always loved to dance, so my other little secret is that when no one is looking, (imagine me whispering this) I try to teach myself how to do those "booty shake" moves that I see on the dance shows. I know you are laughing, but I'll bet you do funny little things like that, too.

Come on, fess up...you know I'm not alone.


Jenny Stevning said...

I love to watch Jersey Shore on MTV. Oh, yes, and the dancing thing...I am right there with you! :)
Also, guilty food pleasure? A jar of peanut butter, a bag of milk chocolate chips and a spoon. Heaven. I guess that makes it my guilty glutton food pleasure.

Nezzy said...

I love to eat peanut butter right out of the jar! Woohoo, just not much better than that.

God bless you and have a terrific Tuesday!!!

Peri said...

I watch the Disney Channel even though I have no kids! I actually enjoy it! Oh, and I sing all the time...not a good singer but I love to do it and so I sing when I am alone...

Kristen said...

I love the Real Housewives series, I watch all 4... Atlanta, New York, Orange County and Jersey... The cat fights and all their antics make me laugh!

A peanut buster parfait from Dairy Queen is always a good go to for a quick bit of happiness!

Crafty Gal Linda said...

I like Judge Judy because she tells it like it is! I also like Celebrity Rehab..there I said it and Intervention. Like Nezzy I like Peanut butter out of the jar. :)

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Yep, I love Judge Judy too. She does tell it like it is and she doesn't give a rip about political correctness. My kind of gal.
Guilty pleasures? Hmmm... I'll have to kick that one around. I'm sure I have many. One is I love to dance but can't dance worth a lick. But it sure as heck doesn't stop me from tryin'. :> )

Jill said...

Oh I have tons of guilty pleasures! I actually record episodes of The Flintstones & Leave it to Beaver & watch them when noone's around! They still crack me up! I also make cookies & brownies just so I can eat the dough! Happy Tuesday ~ Jill

Ronnie said...

Helloooo happiest person I'd ever meet!!! I'm thinking a Flip Cam is in your future. Videos of your booty shake dance practice would become a viral hit.
My guilty pleasures are watching American Idol even if the house was on fire and eating maple syrup by the tablespoonful, no pancakes required. YUM!!
Looking forward to seeing your new bead work. SHAKE THAT BOOTY!

M. Smith Gentry said...

If I started my confessions of all things nutty/depraved/embarassing that I do, I would be here all week. All. Week.

But I will tell you this: Penny and Norma stopped by the library this week and guess who is having her own one woman show at Virginia Western in August?? Oh, uh, it will be Penny...anywho, wanna go celebrate with our fellow altered artist? I'll drive! We'll swing by and get Tricia. :) What say you, Happy Lady?

Debbie said...

I can relate to the dancing thing! Nice to "meet" you! debbie

Susan said...

M. Smith Gentry!! Sounds like a great plan. Let me know the specifics and the Three Amigos will descend upon VWCC in all their glory!!

Rebecca Ramsey said...

I love that-- dancing when no one is looking.
Project Runway is my favorite guilty pleasure. Or America's Next Top Model.
Have a great weekend!

Artgalcrafts said...

Hi Susan you are having fun with your blog.
I can just picture you dancing, I used to be full on in front of the tellie like that, but am a bit more sedate now LOl Love dancing tho and any music makes me want to get up and dance.
Yes I have taken to watching Judge Judy in the avos (now that I am a bit more sedate as I said)
Dont some of those people think they have problems, Get a life I say.
But JJ is a scream and usually right. It is a wonder she can keep a straight face with some of the things the Complaintants come up with. My other fav TV is SVU, love Mariska Hagarty.Never miss it.
Love all your jewelry to date.
dont like Peanut Butter, but chocolate is my downfall if I have any on the house.
Ok back to work. Just watched Cindys Opal video, so off to see if I can do.
BTW We in the Tropics are bracing ourselves for a Cyclone which is meant to pass over this area by tomorrow. If Im still around will let you know how we got on.It is heading straight for us. so in a gust of wind Bye for now
love you

kanishk said...

love to eat peanut butter right out of the jar! Woohoo, just not much better than that.

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