Thursday, April 1, 2010

What's in your "to do" box?

Today is April 1st and since I don't really like pranks, I thought I would address one of the little jokes we pull on ourselves. You know the one where you start a project and for some reason you never finish it?? Yeah, that one. Whether it's a knitting project that just got boring,

...or an entire shopping bag of jewelry that you keep because you KNOW that you are someday going to redesign the pieces, we all seem to do this.

What about you? Do you or any one you know do this routinely? It could be the latch hook kit that your mom put away for so long that mice ate the yarn (I know someone else that remembers that one) or maybe you have a bag of half-done embroidery projects. I have a beaded project that I decided to give up on and placed the magazine with the instructions and all the components into a bag and was going to give to someone else to finish,

but....I just can't seem to part with it. I know I can finish it someday. Blessedly I have room to store these treasures, and it's a good thing, because I plan on being able to do my crafts and art and jewelry for a long time to come.

And I ask again...what about you? Do you always finish all your projects? Do you feel guilty if you walk by the same necklace for months at a time and then make yourself finish it and then realize that it took about ten minutes.

Have you been wanting to whip up some stretchy bracelets and are such a whiny baby that you find every excuse not to? Now's the time.

Even though I'm much more a "lady of leisure" these days than in the past, I still find myself procrastinating on some things and spending way too much time on others (blogging and web surfing, just to name two).

Here is a piece that I started several years ago, that was inspired by the neck wear on Dancing With The Stars, but what would I ever wear it with... so here it sits..

Is the key multi-tasking or motivation? Right now I'm out on the deck making this post because it's just too beautiful to stay inside (multi-tasking). I do set little goals for myself, and try to stick to them. I clean the house for two hours and then allow myself to play in the studio for three, (motivation) . What's your method of getting your favorite things worked in with the must do things?

Right now I have to make a decision. I want to stay out here on the deck,

but in between dodging all those wasps with the crazy long legs, that keep circling me, and the desire for some tea with honey to combat my scratchy throat and cough, I think I'm going to have to go in.

How did you spend April 1st? Any jokers in your crew? Are you now so worried about your "to do" box, that you can't concentrate on any thing else? Hmmm, maybe I'm more of a trickster than I thought.

Take care, and let me know how you deal with some of the quirky little things that we do to ourselves.



Nezzy said...

My DIL is the worse or best, guess it depends how ya look at it. She has super glued coins to the sidewalk to watch son try to pick them up. One year she had a pregnant friend pee on a stick and told son she was pregnant again. Last years joke involved borrowing a friends cat who freaked and got stuck under their lived...'frig didn't! I'm anxious to hear what's happened this year.

I have a utility room that I was painting and ran into a snag with the trim. Hubby was goin' to fix the problem. This was three years ago...I just need to get in and do it myself!

God bless and have yourself the best day, dear!

Sandy Mastroni said...

when I saw your deck , I remembered your snow lady ...... doesn't seem so long ago ! SNOW
and I also wanted to say > OH ... you make laugh
I'm so glad that you visit me on my blog
Happy Easter dear Susan

Crafty Gal Linda said...

I have lots of unfinished things tucked away here and there. Thanks for reminding me, NOT! ;) I hope you have a wonderful Easter, Susan! :)

Jill said...

I started a cross-stitch project for my firstborn daughter before she was about halfway done & put it up to finish later. She's 17 now! Also started a "School Days" scrapbook for her & made it up to 3rd grade. She's in high school now. I did have twins less than 2 years after she was born so that's my excuse! I still feel bad about not finishing those projects though!

Jenny Stevning said...

Oh my!!! I have a knitting project waiting...a box of African beads that 'someday' will adorn my neck. But, I have to admit that a year ago I got ruthless and decided to get rid of the old supplies and well-meaning projects that had accumulated. I was running out of room and tired of moving it all myself. Sooooo, it was painful to see some of it go but then it was terribly freeing.

Peri said...

I have so many projects unfinished that my sister actually inherited and finished one or two! I have a knitting project that should have taken about two weeks and I think it has been about two years and is still not finished. As for length of procrastination I think Jill has us all beat --17 years! Of course we all understand about the twins -- my primary unfinished project involves a book that needs to be finished by 2011 --doubt it. No April Fool's jokes this year -too busy moving furniture around because we are switching around home offices! But glad to see your work and totally understand about sitting on the deck --nice looking deck!
Have a Happy Easter!

M. Smith Gentry said...

You know what, Susan? I don't think I have ever finished a piece...well, except for the one that you have, but seriously if I still had it, I would probably still want to change it...are we ever really finished??? Sigh. :)