Saturday, May 8, 2010


Hello there, for some reason I don't really have any pictures to post today. So if you are just a blog "picture only" person, you'll be bored. No wait, I do have a picture, hang on while I load it....

Yep, my goodies came in from our recent session of retail therapy. This is from a store in San Diego called Great News. It's a fabulous store that sells all things related to cooking. They even sell online, for those of us who can't just jump in the car and visit on a whim. We bought cook ware and all kinds of other goodies. One of the fun things I got is a peculator. (Oops, that should be percolator, thanks Sis, I was relying on the spell check and clicked the wrong one) Anyway, how long has it been since I had perked coffee?? Heavenly, I am telling you.

At the risk of sounding like a shopping fanatic, or a mall rat, I have another quick story that I thought was funny. DH (that's Darling Hubby when he's being good) had errands to run and I know that sometimes he gets sidetracked and doesn't get everything done, so I went with him to help. We had several things to get that required going to said mall, and I had him almost running from store to store, especially looking for the elusive oval shaped table cloth. Everyone has oblong, but no oval. Why didn't I remember this at the shop in CA? Sorry, I digress, just had a shiny moment. You know how birds and other animals are distracted by shiny objects, that's a shiny moment according to my sister... Shoot, I did it again.... anyway, after sprinting from one store to another, he finally stopped and said quite emphatically, "my toe hurts!" and without breaking stride, I told him "my toe has hurt for three years, keep shopping".

I finally let him stop and take a break and even "let" him stop at the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. I told him I didn't want anything since I'm dieting, but I did mention to him that he might want to try a chocolate covered pretzel and that he might like that coffee flavored cream and that he might like... Well, anyway he got a bit of a break and we decided to find the table cloth online and call it a day.

I tried to get him to do this,

but he wasn't going for it.

They also had a riding/driving simulator that bounces you around inside, while trying to make you think you are sailing over sand dunes, but he didn't want that either. You got to remember that this is the same guy that convinced me to go on the Skyfari at the Zoo...

and I was terrified, while he loved it. All this leads me to reason, that his toe really does hurt. Needless to say, after finally having to take his shoe off and massage his toe because it was cramping like crazy, we decided to donate those shoes.

As you can see, I'm hopping all over the place today. First I say no pictures, then I end up with three, and I can't seem to stay on topic. Have you ever been typing and think there is a bug on your foot and go crazy and then realize that it's the cord to your mouse??? Sorry, another shiny moment.

Well, I'm driving my own self crazy, so I better go get focused on something. I have made two pieces of jewelry this week that didn't work at all, so that is a bit frustrating. I think I'll find a nice easy pattern and make something that I know will work.

Take care, enjoy the rest of your weekend and if you're a mom, Happy Mothers Day.


Nezzy said...

Girl how much caffeine have ya ingested today??? Heeehehe!

You have a marvelous Mother's Day filled with warm sunny blessings!!!

Peri said...

In short, you are "a hoot" today! Tell DH that those of us who have to go to the mall when we don't want to go, sympathize because that will make your toe hurt. Donate those shoes!!
I also agree with Nezzy on the caffeine! By the way, you misspelled the coffee maker, but I can't spell it either without looking it up.
Proud of you for not eating the chocolate covered pretzel!

Crafty Gal Linda said...

You are too funny! I love the way you told your hubby your toe has hurt for three years..keep cute. Speaking of toes I am developing a bunion. Can I say OUCH! Oh well, the joys of aging. Thanks for sharing your shopping experience.

Marie S said...

You just put in to words the way I was feeling all last week, can you say distracted?
So good to know I am not the only one! ;-D
Have a great week.

Funky Art Queen said...

Glad to see that someone else hops around some times. Still sounds like you two had fun together! LOL

Lisa Lectura Creations said...

Hi Susan! Wonderful post! Retail therapy is the best! Thanks for sharing your world with us! Have a fabulous week ahead! :)

Tina said...

I giggled out loud reading this post.

Rebecca Ramsey said...

Your "my toe has hurt for 3 years, keep shopping" is the best thing I've heard all day. Hi-larious!
What would we do without our sweethearts? :)

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Now this is my kind of post!! (giggle)
I only use a percolator, have for years. They are awesome!
I have a large oval table and I can never find an oval tablecloth.
Yep, I would have strongly suggested a chocolate covered pretzel too.
I'm going to have the try the ol' "my toe hurts" to get me a foot massage. :> )

M. Smith Gentry said...

Retail Therapy! What a great way to describe how much shopping can help when you're feelign down!

That had to be hard to resist...I love chocolate...and it loves me. :)

Looks like you had alot of fun, Susan!