Tuesday, May 25, 2010

It's me again...

So you won't have to keep looking at those burned beads, I'll show you what I did with them.

I antiqued them with black paint and then with gold paint, glossed them up with Mop and Glo floor wax and made links using 14k gold filled wire. Considering everything, they turned out just fine.

I also put together a similar style necklace using beads from Peri's and my early attempts at polymer clay beads...

You are probably seeing a pattern here. Although I have silver hair and am a "True Winter" and not supposed to wear gold, I love warm coppery colors, combined with black and gold. I have lots of necklaces that are very similar to this.

I tossed together several donut necklaces and have a tutorial in the works if anyone is interested in how these super easy necklaces can be made. (Along with a very funny story about them)

I love wire work and have been wrapping beads on eye pins recently just for fun. I decided to combine some of them in a pair of dangly, but casual earrings...

Shucks, I even had time to do some seed bead work...

I was trying to learn to make a beaded bezel for this ring, but it wouldn't hold the stone, so I converted it into a beaded bead and went with that.

And just for fun, I'll leave you with a picture of me. I have always had super straight hair, that back in the day, had to be glopped with Dippity Doo and then spend the night sleeping under a hairdryer to achieve a bit of curl. Imagine my delight now that my hair is coming in wavy.

I know some of you gals might laugh at me for thinking this is curly, but believe me, I'm Shirley Temple compared to what I used to have.

So that's it for today. Hope everyone is having a good week. Take care and treat yourself tonight!


June said...

Not too long ago I was telling a 20-something not to worry about her straight silky hair...that when she got into her forties, her hair would change. :-)

Crafty Gal Linda said...

You are so cute! My hair got curly when I had my youngest 10 years ago. It was so bizarre how my hair started getting curly after having him. It must hormonal. Love everything you showed today. The necklace came out nice, burnt beads and all! And I like that purple ring!

Tina said...

Curl, what's that? I have none, I tell you none! Love you pic and the necklaces you made.
Way to go with the burnt beads.
so creative.
mop n glo? that is a new one on me.
Well, enjoy your day.

Peri said...

Well...the beads are all great and I really like the earrings. I remember hair being rolled on beer cans ( oh, excuse me..they might have been Coca Cola cans) back in the day...I didn't think that you could still get Mop and Glo!! With all the beading, I am tempted to ask if your house is as cluttered as mine.

Artgalcrafts said...

Hin Susan another cute photo of you. Love your long wavy hair.Looks so different than the pic I have of you.
I always had a natural wave, but at the moment it is a bit straighter so Id love a bit of your wave.
bye for now
Love XXX
Elizabeth K