Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hello out there...

Hello to all my little friends out there in blog land.  I'm sorry that I have no new art to share today, but I have been sidetracked by the little things that happen in everyday life.  Like taking adult swim classes for those fearful of water.  I am doing really well.  There are three of us in the class. One lady had never been in a pool and is really still very scared.  The second lady is learning to swim for the first time and she has adapted quite well to the pool.  And then there's Maude....just kidding.  Yep, I am the remaining member of the class.  I never learned to swim as a child, took swimming lessons as a young adult, but never got comfortable in the water.  I am very buoyant and can always go into a back float and make my way to the edge of the pool if I get freaked out.  So when I found out that our local county rec center was offering these lessons specializing in newbies and scardy cats, I just knew this was it.  I knew this time I could give this fear to God and learn to swim. I signed up and got new swimming goggles and after two very gentle and helpful lessons (and being the bravest one in the class), last night I swam.  I actually swam.  Goggles on, face in the water blowing out air with my mouth, feet pointed and arms moving correctly, I swam.  My eyes are tearing up as I type this.  You have no idea what a gift this is. I was unafraid. Completely.  I was concentrating on kicking my legs,  face in the water, blowing out bubbles, and making sure my arms were coming out of the water.  When I needed more air I came to the surface and heard cheering.  I turned around and looked and way down at the other end were my fellow fraidy cats, going crazy, screaming "you swam, you swam".  So you know what I did? I swam back. 

I am so thankful and feel so blessed to be able to have made this much progress. I am still stunned that I did it.  Just like Tom Petty says, "the future is wide open".  It was so awesome.

Now for something else awesome, I'm going to take another trip to see my sister, Peri, in California.  She and a group of friends were going on a fall trip to view leaves and she realized that she needed to be at home during that time, so to make up for her missing her trip, I'm going out for almost a week to visit. I'll be staying at their studio.  I'll  have everything fun at my disposal. It even has an in-ground, saltwater pool and I am going to swim while I'm there. We will dabble in art, swim when we want, do some shopping and of course, eat out.

So if posts from me are few for the next several weeks, you'll know why.  I'm taking my mini laptop, so I can check in on stuff and won't be completely out of touch, but I just might take an "internet vacation" while I'm at it.  Refresh will only apply to me sitting in a lounge chair and close window may only happen if it gets chilly at night.

So be sure to think of me the first week of October and if you're going to be in the San Diego area and want to meet up, just let me know.  In any case, I'm sure everything will go swimmingly.  Groan.


Nezzy said...

Woohoo, good for go girl! That's quite a fear you conquered there. Just look at the fun your goin' to have.

You have a great trip to California. I'm leavin' for Texas on the seventy. My daddy is not doin' well at all. I fear his 30 yr. battle of leukemia is about to come to an end.

Take care and you and your sis stay out of trouble....well just have fun!!!!

God bless and have a beautiful day!!!

Rebecca Ramsey said...

THIS IS FANTASTIC! Great for you! How awesome that you are taking lessons and going for it! I hope you feel really proud of yourself. Most of the rest of us would sit quietly by the side of the pool, making up excuses! I'm a good swimmer, but there are other things that scare me, and your courage is inspiring!

Have a wonderful trip, you lucky duck! I hope it's fun and peaceful at the same time!

Peri said...

Proud does not begin to cover it! You did a biggie this time! To be afraid of not being able to touch the bottom and being afraid of water and to overcome both? As my Spanish teacher would exclaim, "Perfecto!" (Of course he wasn't talking about my bravery....) Still, it fits.

Crafty Gal Linda said...

I'm so proud of you for facing your water fear and taking swim lessons. I hope you are enjoying your vacation with your sis!

Amy Sullivan said...

~Good for You Lady !~
I could use a swim class myself~ I fake it & can swim under water & back stroke~ but I've never learned to truly swim.~ We just joined the YMCA~ they give classes~ I was going to sign Rowan up~ But now that you mention it~ I could use a class to.~