Wednesday, December 29, 2010

What's on my easel...

I just couldn't stand looking at that photo of me in antlers any longer, so I'm showing what's on my easel.

This still life painting of a bowl of fruit has been calling me every time I go by it and I always sit down and work on it some more.  It's been on my easel all week, but today when I went into the studio, there was silence.  I suppose that means that it's done for now.  We will see.

This other one, a garden of imaginary flowers, was created while learning which brushes make which strokes, but it turned out to be a colorful surprise.

It's been quiet here on the home front.  I am staying in for the most part.  The hubby and I went out yesterday to run errands and to swing by the mall.  I was thinking, for some unknown reason, that everyone had gone back to work and school. gets the square. (Hollywood Squares reference). Traffic was heavy and everyone and his uncle must have gotten gift cards this year.  Well, I don't need anything enough to put either one of us through that pain.  Hopefully, next week things will calm down and we can stroll the mall, hand in hand, and find all kinds of deals that have been overlooked by the masses....uhhh, right.

In any event, I'm staying in and keeping warm and waiting until Friday when the mercury is supposed to rise to 50 degrees.  Can you imagine what kind of holligans warm weather on New Year's Eve will bring out?  Looks like I will wait until next week to hit the mall.  Sheesh, this is unending...

So that's it from me for a few days.  Stay tuned for more art and as they used to say on television in the old days..."keep those cards and letters coming".


Nezzy said...

I went into Tinytown to restock my pantry and get my hair done...maintenance baby...and was shocked how quite it was. I was expectin' it to be really busy at Wally~World.

Your paintings are wonderful, as usual. I am quite fond of your little flower painting. Ahhhh, it reminds me of warmer times!

God bless and have a terrific day sweetie!!!

Peri said...

Well all I can say is that I like the new works a lot and I hope I never have to go to a mall again! The people at the local big mall here are thicker than fleas on a hound in the summer! You cannot see pavement in the parking lot because it is that full. But then it has rained a lot in CA and when there was a break for a day or two, people mobbed the malls! I need to go get a haircut so that I no longer resemble my cat, Ishtar (long hair), but even the little strip malls seem to be "pavement free". As rough as it is where YOU are, it is rougher here -because we have more malls!! Stay in, stay dry, and wait for the rush to die down. Good luck on Friday...pretend it is late on Halloween and you are out of candy...sit at home in the dark....then the crazies will not be able to run you over!

kathyj333 said...

I love the flowers.