Saturday, February 12, 2011

Life aint nothin but a funny, funny, riddle...

Isn't it funny, how all summer long here in the blistering humidity of the Old Dominion, I sit and think of how much I long for cold and snow and then after eight or nine weeks of the stuff, I'm so done with it? 

Now I'm wishing it was warm and sunny.  I want to work in my yard, picking up sticks or tromping around down below the house revamping  plans for more landscaping in the woods.  Even though our humidity is sometimes excessive , I love it here. 

We don't have earthquakes much to speak of (only one that I can remember) and tornadoes usually pass us by (well, there was that one that came through several years ago) and usually the snow is minimal in our area (except for last year when we had about 24").

So we put up with the occasional bout of bad weather, but we love the area.  Everything is nearby.  We have the strawberry festival,

lots of shopping, our fitness center is only one mile away, and of course there's always bowling.

Whenever we get the urge to catch a movie, most of the new releases are playing at several different complexes. 

If you are in the mood for outdoor activities, we have everything you could ask for.  A nice little zoo, all kinds of places to hike and picnic and a recently completed greenway that winds around for miles. Now that I'm getting in better shape, I hope to take advantage of these new and improved trails.

So whether I'm sitting inside watching it snow while I do needlepoint, or gazing out the laundry room window watching the wind whip the trees, I always know that this blustery season is temporary.  The sun will shine and soon I'll be kicking up my heels in that sunshine and singing the last line to  John Denver's famous song in my own way..."thank God I'm a country girl".

Well, that's it for me for today.  We'll talk soon.  Enjoy your winter and dream of spring.


Nezzy said... very true. Spring is on it's way but right now I need to go restock the woodpile!!!

That's my workout!!! Ya ever heard of 'wood curls'. They are quite effective. Heeehehe!!! I laugh here but I really do them. I also put on my hubs ten pound boots to do my chores in too. Heck, who needs a stinkin' gym??? :o)

God bless you two cuties and have an amazin' weekend!!!

Peri said...

You almost make me homesick...almost, but not quite. I have sunshine, not snow..but nearly everything here is at least 5 miles away--too far for this old chickie to hike for bread or have a cup of coffee. From my house to the main road is over a mile and a half (going the shortest way). . .I am also a country girl, you see...just in an area of lots of other folks! But still, I have to have the sunshine over the snow..I just can't handle that stuff these days. Staying in and doing needlepoint or pastel work..or watching videos on art keeps me busy. Have fun back there and remember, Spring IS coming....

Liska said...

Okay tour guide, you've sold me on it.
My bags are packed and I'm ready to go...


Crafty Gal Linda said...

I am totally with you about longing for the season to change and then getting part way into it and longing for the next season especially summer and winter. I love the seasons changing but have to admit I think that winter is the hardest to endure.

Artgalcrafts said...

Hi Susan, loved your run down of your area.
Seasons make all this difference to how you feel and what you can do, but it doesnt seem to worry you with all you have to do.
Loved all the pics of you.
We have gone thru another Cyclone the biggest in History, as well as great floods in the Capital of QLD,from which will take years to recover, very sad, but how people even strangers came to help is a revalation on the kindness of real people. I too am an outside person, and also play Bowls, but ours is Indoor Bowls, a bit dif from Ten pin. OK Have another lovely day Susan whatever the weather