Friday, April 22, 2011

Some new art

After cleaning up the studio and doing a massive reorganization of my beads, I was reminded of what a nice collection of art beads I have.  This in turn leads me to thinking that I want to make some new beads for said collection and maybe to even be used in jewelry.  Those of you who are long time readers of this little missive already know that I like to use scrap clay in my art beads.  I found several "scrap" beads that I made last year who were screaming to become important elements in some kind of funky design so I put this little baby together. It's a good thing as all that screaming was becoming annoying.

(click on me)

I have always liked that antiqued look of dark metal, so I combined a pre-made chain (from Michael's) with some of my favorite beads.  The dangles are simply threaded onto eye pins and connected to the chain.  Simple procedure, but the time involved is mostly taken up by playing with the beads. I use a bead board to arrange my designs and after a while this one came together easily.

This week I played around with some tried and true polymer clay techniques.  I made faux jade beads and then carved into them a bit. On another, I used a dark blend of clay and impressed a plastic tube into it for design, then antiqued it with off white acrylic paint.

And of course, there is the ever popular steampunk look.  While this is not my favorite steampunk piece, it does illustrate how easy it is to achieve that belted look that often accompanies the gears and mechanics in the steampunk genre.

The beads on the right were to be accent pieces for the belted bead. but looking at this photo now, I'm thinking that they just might look good with the faux turquoise bead that is on the right of the ceramic tile.  The little blue and white bead is an elongated heart shaped bead that will easily fit as a focal piece with some blue beads from my super-stash.

While these pendants are yummy, to be does not live on beads alone, so I decided to try something I have been ruminating on for literally years.  Miniature foodstuffs.

Since I am usually thinking personal adornment, these pieces were made to be used as earring dangles and I am quite happy with this first attempt.

These next pieces were even more fun to make, and since I am used to working with small amounts of clay from making beads, and it didn't feel tedious at all.

(due to the lighting it's hard to see that I'm using a U.S. dime for size comparison. but as always you can click for more detail)

I am expecting to do more of the minis.  I have even done a little set of dinnerware.  Fun times.

My sweet sister is sending me polymer clay supplies for my birthday next week.  Books, tools, clay...the works.  Thanks sister of mine.  You are the best.  This is what I sent her. It was a purchased gift.

(the size of the sculpture is about 12" across)

I think she liked it. I usually make her something, but time and inspiration were not that friendly this year, but I know she understood.

Well, I hope everyone is staying healthy and happy.  I have lost another pound, which makes 18-20 pounds since Christmas.  I'm planning on 35 more by next Christmas.  I figure giving myself one year to lose about fifty pounds was an achievable goal.  I'm hitting the gym 5-6 times a week, and while I was never one to go to the gym before, it's really working well for me.  Hubby goes to and has lost even more than me. If you are interested in seeing what I have done at the gym, feel free to click in on my other blog.

That's it for today.  Have a great weekend and stay creative. Love ya!


Nezzy said...

It's just not fair the way guys can drop the pounds with less effort than we gals!

Your necklace is just incredible and I'm quite smitten with your 'little' creations. I adore all things small!

God bless ya sweetie and have a marvelous Easter Weekend.

I'm havin' a Happy Easter Giveaway over at my place, ya'll come! :o)

Crafty Gal Linda said...

You busy beaver,you. Everything looks fab!

Peri said...

Yo, food girl. Made me hungry. Yum. Like the beads too. If you only eat the food you make at home you will lose weight, I know, but this is ridiculous!! You are right, I do like the gift!

Peri said...

By the Way...all of Susan's readers: Monday, April 25 was her birthday! She is working on polymer clay stuff again! I just wanted to update y'all...she is busy, no doubt, so I thought I would help out. Happy Birthday Kiddo! We ALL love ya!