Thursday, June 30, 2011

What's up with us??

Why have I gone from posting every week, several years ago to posting every two weeks?  Life.  Even my life, as blessed and some might say relaxed as it is, get hectic.  I am home full time and that can translate into cooking three meals a day, doing dishes and cleaning house (sometimes), and most of the other things that go with keeping a family healthy and happy.  We eat well, exercise regularly, run errands, clean messes, make household repairs, deal with sudden events like running around like a nut covering up power tools when a storm is brewing and hubs is at Lowes, things like that.

Add into this normal routine watching the coverage of the Anthony trial on my computer and television and you have a pretty full day.  Some days I clean house while the trial is on, some days I just sit at the table and do art.  I am currently at a standstill with polymer clay bead making.  Everything I make is starting to look the same. That may mean I'm developing a new style, but actually I think I'm ready to move on to something else.  I got out my unsharpened set of Prismacolor pencils and started to sharpen them and to my frustration, each one broke as I sharpened it.  Now I'm not the sharpest pencil in the desk, but I know that these are good pencils and would not just be breaking, so that means I need to get a new pencil sharpener.  Office Max had an actual Prismacolor brand sharpener, so I tried that and man, it is great.  The best hand held sharpener I have tried in years.  Be sure and try it out if you are having a problem sharpening colored pencils.

So while I'm doing chores and sharpening pencils, I try to keep checking on DH (dear hubby) while he is working on a under-deck drainage system, very similar to this one.  He is doing a great job, but it has required several trips for lumber and other supplies.  When he was doing major yard work earlier this summer he got into chiggers, and poison oak and had quite a time.  Now that he is under the deck, a little bit of sunscreen and bug spray, along with some ice water is all he needs.  I don't have to worry about him taking a tumble down into the woods, which on our little acre is a distinct possibility, so I'm staying inside watching the trial.

I haven't posted any pictures because I had to replace my computer and have just now reloaded my photo program.  Hopefully soon I will have some new pictures to show you.  Before and afters of the deck, along with a picture of a dime-sized frog that was helping out.

All that being said, seems like we were too busy to make a gift for a very special gal, so once again we are sending something pretty cool that we bought.  But not to worry, Lucky, as soon as Carl Coyote gets off that ladder he WILL be at the art table. Homer can attest to that, as well as Laurie.

Well, that's it for now.  Take care all and be sure to tell your loved ones how much they mean to you.


Artgalcrafts said...

Hi Susan, Yowee I'm the first comment in today, amazing for me hu!.
Well you sound like me, or I sound like you.
How have I gone from Blogging all the time to never being there.
I dont know, so many things take up your timeas you say, just everyday things. Still as long as you are happy and healthy what the heck.
We will get back to it all soon.
I must say tho I have been very sick of late as there has been a very bad flu here like an epidemic, and of course I have had my bout which has lasted over 6wks, so that is partly why I havent blogged,but not really an excuse,, but getting better now.
Before that I had a trip to the other side of Oz,PERTH, wonderful, but got this flu while there. anyway, back to you.
Thanks for your nice discourse here always lovely to read, and feel I am there with you when I read.
Love and Hugs

Crafty Gal Linda said...

I feel like unless I have art pictures that I shouldn't post but I'm trying to get away from that and post on anything creative in my life once a week or so. I get what you are talking about with regards to blogging and being busy with life. Just keeping everyone fed and the house semi clean is a full time job when you are home full time. I started walking a little so although I'm only doing a mile walk right now that is a commitment. I know you and the hubs have been mega working out so that is a big time consumer for you as well. It's just nice to hear from you now and then on here. Maybe you can do a short post once a week. That's what I'm trying to do....a post a week. I'm glad we're FB friends and can communicate on there. : )

Sea Gypsy said...

Hi!!!!!!The hamburger earrings make me smile and that is why we should all wear food on our I love it! I have not posted since Dec., so in my book you are doing a great job! Keeping up with a blog is so much work! The picture you shared is great! Your natural hair color is just beautiful! I decided to let mine be natural a few years ago and am so happy I did. The gray gets a little more every year, but the more the better,it just looks like a frost and I can live with not sitting in a chair for hrs and smelling fumes!
Have a beautiful Day!