Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Are you a snob?

One thing I was often conscious of growing up, was the people that I thought were snobs.  The definition of snob changes as you grow. One of the definitions from the dictionary goes something like this:

...a person who strives to associate with those of higher social status and who behaves condescendingly to others...

I have always been a down to earth type person, I hung out with the people I liked, regardless of their social standings.  I have known (and still do) people that would snicker at something someone else was saying,  not because they enjoyed their company, but because they were looking down on that person.

I do have to admit that I went through a period of my life where I was an "art snob".  I wanted to do art, but I didn't think that I wanted to do crafts. At one point,  my sister was able to hook us up with an artist type that was giving us personal instruction in pottery.  Apparently he was a bigger art snob than we were. We took care of that. Much to his dismay, he was haughtily dismissed after referring to our artsy adventures as "our little craft thing". 

To me, growing up, crafts meant gluing cotton balls on a construction paper star to make a Santa, or making ducks out of clothespins.  I realize now how much work goes into crafts. So to Crafts, I say "I am sorry I was such a snob". I realized how snobby I had been when a person was asking about a necklace I had made, and she said in a very condescending tone, "oh, you just strung that?", as if to say "how boring is she, she might as well be stringing Cheerios".  You know, I really don't want to be that person.

At least we know that's it never too late to change.  I can appreciate the great works of art that hang in the most famous museums, and still appreciate the thought, planning and work that goes into crafts like scrap-booking and mixed media art, things that I'm not into. I realize now, that I don't have to like the finished product, but I understand and can recognize when someone has really tried on something.

On the other hand, if I don't like you, and that sometimes happens, it will be extremely difficult for me to acknowledge your talent. Especially if you "dis" my sister and me.

I actually don't know what prompted me to go off on this rant.  Maybe because I haven't made a post for a while.  In any event, I have been doing  bit of crafting down in the art/craft studio and will soon have pictures to prove it.

Take care, y'all and try not to be a snob. 


Parsley said...

Love this post. haaaaahaaaa

Nope, I'm not a snob. I appreciate a lot of different things AND people, but I'm choosy what I put in my home and circle.

Nezzy said...


I do have to say in High School I ran with the elite group and in college I joined a sorority but today...naaaaah, I'm not a snob by any stretch of the imagination.

God bless and have yourself a terrific Tuesday sweetie!!! :o)

vivian said...

oh I hope Im not a snob. I dont think I am. gosh, I hope Ive never offended anyone in that way. though, I probably have. I have a friend who will look at my stuff and say.. "oh, you made that?" eiy yie yie! oh well personally, I love all kinds of arts and crafts and even more so I appreciate the talent that people possess.
great post.

Peri said...

That's MY sister! Nuf said!

Liska said...

keeping it real :-) xxx

Sandy Mastroni said...

dear Miss Non-Snobby Susan !!!
I just wanted to tell you , don't be " a-skeered " of the scroll saw .... it's like a sewing machine !
you made me laugh .... My father used to say a-skeered and so that was a memory you brought back to me !!!!
from your non snobby friend Sandy

Sweet Tea said...

I've not hear anyone use the word "snob" in quite a while, but I remember knowing some "snobby" people, especially in high school. I think everyone has at least a bit of a "snob" somewhere inside them and I think we sometimes misread quiet, introverted people as being snobby when that is sometimes not the case. That said, I ENVY crafty, creative types and on the occasion that I try to do something artistic I.Am.So.Proud.Of.Myself., at least for my effort, if not for my results.

M Smith Gentry said...

There are just styles that I do not like. I generally gravitate to art that tells a story or triggers an emotional response from me. If things don't make sense to me visually, like a lack of symmetry, for instance, then I don't like it. The more I can think about a piece, interpreting it or seeing that there is more than one way to see it, the more I like it. And sometimes color combinations turn me off. I do use the the terms crafty and scrapbooky when referring to art that falls into those categories...but it's still art and part of the creative family. Did you really wanna know all of that?? :)