Friday, December 16, 2011

Hello to all...

Well, just a quick post to say hello to all.  Hope you are doing well.  I'm hanging in there, nursing a back muscle, that decided to make it's presence known in a big way.  I don't really know how I strained it (probably from lifting weights at the gym) but it is a nagging visitor that just wont leave.

Hubby just returned from his yearly delivery of Christmas envelopes.  Through out the year he routinely takes donuts to our friends at the dentist.  Since we have been going to the dentist for over a decade, we've really become friends with the folks that work there.  We know them and love them.  They are more than just someone that works somewhere. We share the changes in their lives...birthdays and graduations of children, as well as divorce and illnesses.

Anyway, when hubby went in today for a quick dental check up, he took the usual goodies and the Christmas envelopes.  Imagine his surprise when they brought out packages for us.  He was totally surprised and got verklepmt to be sure.
I got all teary eyed myself, when he told me on the telephone and then we both cried again when we opened the gift itself. It is gift basket from Fresh Market...

This was such a good choice for us.  They know that we try to eat healthy and that we go to the gym.  This is a bag filled with gluten free items and it is full, as you can see, with food stuffs that we will eat and not have to re-gift.

Well, that's it for now.  Hope everyone is preparing for a fun weekend.  Don't stress out over the holiday shopping.  Remember what your holiday is really about and take time to contemplate, meditate or pray.

That's it for now.  We'll talk soon.


kathyj333 said...

I, too, had a sore back. I did my injury while I was sleeping—how is that possible?

Peri said...

I think it was lovely of your dental office to give such a thoughtful gift...query...did it also have a toothbrush and floss and toothpaste?
Sorry about your back...I can relate..I have been doing year end work to get ready for our tax accountant and my back is also not really happy these past couple of days. My best advice is a soft sofa, a Snuggie and some hot tea!! Works for me anyway...oh, forgot to mention than you should not work out until 2012!!
Merry Christmas!!

vivian said...

It must be the week for achy backs! mine is managable, just a little achey. I hope you have a lovely Christmas holiday. I'm trying to stop in and see all my bloggy buds this week.
great gift from your dental friends. Very thoughtful.
hugs and happy wishes!

Nezzy said...

So sorry about your back sweetie. A bum back can sure ruin things! 'Sendin' healin' hugs and prayers your way my friend.

Shoot it all to thunder. All I ever get for the DDS is a toothbrush, paste and a bill! Heeehehehe!

God bless ya and have a bright and beautiful weekend sweetie! :o)

Shoken Holz-Maia said...

Feel better, and Happy Holiday!

Sea Gypsy said...

I hope your back is feeling better! Merry Christmas to the both of you!