Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Pink Snow

Well, after much snow that didn't stick and melted almost immediately, we did get enough of the white stuff to justify me staying in all day Sunday and working on my afghan.  When we went out Monday morning to hit the gym (notice the sweatband) the trees were heavy with snow, and the sunrise was making it's presence known...

The camera sometimes just cannot capture the real beauty of nature, but I kept trying.  Here is another shot of the sunrise coloring the snow pink...

The temperature increased rapidly and by the time we came back from the gym, the snow was almost completely melted in these trees.  It was a heavy snow that knocked out our cable for almost 24 hours.  Twenty four hours with out telephone and cablevision, gave me plenty of time to work on the afghan I have been crocheting for the past three weeks.  I finally put the finishing touches on it today and....

I am really pleased with the results.  I used a cherished heirloom afghan that Peri, my sister, made me way back when, as a pattern.  I was looking for a way to use up some of the yarns left over from the famous owl hats and what originally was going to be a stripped scarf quickly morphed into a small afghan or lap rug.  It measures about 42"x 36" plus fringe.  It is a simple double crochet with a chain between each stitch.  I did vary the pattern in several rows by doing a single crochet.  The yarn that makes the plaid was done by weaving a double strand of yarn in the traditional over/under method using the double crochet foundation as the base.  Simple.  I did wonder why hubby ask me point blank "are you going to finish that today?".  I thought, at first, that he was feeling neglected, but soon realized that was not the case.  When I finished it and held it up to show him how nice it was, he immediately said "please drape it over my shoulders".  So now it's Tim's afghan. Who knew?  I had no idea that he was literally waiting for me to finish this project because he wanted it for himself.  How sweet is that?

I am also working on a embroidery/applique piece that will most likely be a wall hanging, but it is evolving so quickly that who knows what might happen?  Sissy also sent me a box of mysteries, so I'm filling my days with crafts and reading and going to the gym.  Hubby is working in his recording studio learning a new digital mixing program, so we are warm and happy and staying out of trouble.  What more could you ask for at this stage of the game.

That's it for now. Stay happy and don't forget to be creative. Ciao.


Peri said...

I haven't been up early enough to see pink snow in about 14 years! Good for you for working out at such an hour. Ha Ha for DH for getting the new lap rug/afghan..really like the colors.
I saw online that the snow there is melting, melting, melting...I am pleased that it did that...you got the beauty without too much (cable out is a hassle) trouble. If it snows again this winter/spring, you can make another rug/afghan ...and this time get to keep it. BTW, you are looking good, Kiddo!

Tina said...

I like the crocheted blankie so much. I like to crochet. this inspires me to start one. I see you've really been working out. I am excited to have found a physical therapist to get my back in shape so I can work out the way I want to. The snow on the trees is so pretty.

vivian said...

the weather has been strange everywhere this winter. we always have snowy winters but not this year.. it snows a little and melts. then its dry for a few days. they are saying we will have a wintery weekend. that means a good weekend to stay home!
great afghan! I love the colors.
oh and btw, I watched the troll reunion video! got a kick out of it. I love how the trolls just looked at minimouse like.. who the heck does she think she is! lol!
thanks for sharing!
have a great day1

Nezzy said...

Oh sweetie, you captured the pink reflections beautifully!!!

I love those tree shots!

There's nothin' quite as dangerous as a electrical Ozark ice storm but it's also beautiful too. The lighting will be pink...it's awesome.

You did a wonderful job on that afghan girl!!!

God bless ya and have an awesome day my friend!!! :o)

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Beautiful pics Peachy and you look terrific!!
I love the afghan. I tried to crochet as a young girl. But only made "snakes." Seeing this has made me want to pick up a crochet hook.
That hubs of yours is a keeper for sure!! ♥