Saturday, March 10, 2012

Hello, again.

Seems like the only time I am motivated to post anything is on Saturdays.  We have had a relatively uneventful week. Our state (Virginia) had a presidential primary Tuesday and even though there were only two candidates on the ballot, we definitely voted.  I can't complain if I haven't done my part, right?  Seems like the other candidates didn't get enough signatures to even get on the ballot. That might mean something in itself.

I worked on the little (6 x 9) watercolor of the deer and while it's not that great, I am posting it and another one because you have to start somewhere. Remember to click on the pictures for a closer view.

There are so many things that jump out at me as being "wrong", that I have to focus on the things that I like about this little painting. While I didn't realize that I was centering this tree in the painting, I really do like the shadow side of it and the way the ivy is climbing out of the picture.  I like that the animals do look somewhat like deer, even though the one in foreground looks like he has been cut in half and reassembled somewhat askew.  Oh right, I'm focusing on the positive...sorry.

Earlier in the month I did a painting of the same size (6 x 9) of a wintry scene of birds.  I followed along with the artist on Artist Network TV and even used the line drawing that was supplied, but the birds not only look like emus struggling to stay on a branch, the one on the left appears to be wearing a bird mask instead of having a bird face.   But I'm learning as I go...

This was a lesson in various techniques, and there was so much going on to begin with, that I'm not surprised I struggled some and really overworked several areas. I do have trouble remembering to keep the white of the paper white.  I still feel the need to paint every area on the paper.  Well, maybe that will just be my style.  I'm having fun and it keeps me off the street.

Sometimes the photos that you take aren't the best reference photos, so I'll let you decide if either one of these feel right to you.  If fact, I would love someone would paint their version, if they want or simply state your opinion of the photo.

Here is an closeup shot of my spring jonquils, I have other shots to choose from, if anyone is interested in seeing them, but a daffodil is a daffodil, isn't it?

The fall foliage on our street is always so vibrant that I'm thinking about doing something from this photo...

The dead tree next to the fence has been taken down, so I will probably omit that from the picture if I use this one as a reference.

To prove that sometimes I do have a domestic urge, here is a shot of my take on macaroni and tomatoes. 
I chose a mixture of ground chicken and super lean ground beef, which I browned in EVOO with seasonings and a bit of chopped onion and celery.  After browning and draining what little grease was there, I added one can of diced tomatoes, about one half can of filtered water and a handful of orzo pasta.  I let it simmer covered, about fifteen minutes.  I like a very soft pasta, so I can pretend I'm a kid again, eating beef-a-roni.  It turned out to be very tasty and gave me something warm to eat while the hubby noshed on his chilli.

I'm still working on a needlework project and a gal at the gym wants me to make a newborn owl hat for her friend, so I am planning on staying busy.  I'm thinking about abandoning my weight loss blog and periodically posting things of that nature here.  Blogging seems to be slowing down some and I'm never sure how much interest there is in hearing about my little life here in the burbs of the South.

In any event, I'm alive and kickin' and have my cataract consultation next week. Wish me luck on that. I'll keep you posted.  Take care and give everyone a big old hug and kiss and say it's from me.


Nezzy said...

Mmmmm, now what time is supper??? I'll bring some French bread. Heeehehehe!!! (wish I could)

I so so love to work with watercolor...but I've said that before, huh?

Ya did plant that tree smack in the middle but I to love it's shadows. A girls just gotta play!

Your flowers are a true breath of spring...mine are just pokin' a wee bit of green through. It'll be awhile....I'm not a patient person.

God bless ya and have yourself a fantastic weekend sweetie!!! :o)

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Man, you have been busy!! I love all your artwork and can't find any flaws.
Glad to read you voted.
If I lived closer I would have showed up with spoon in hand and a napkin tucked under my chin.
I am a diehard blogger. I know it's not cool and hip anymore to blog. But then again, neither am I. :> )

Anne@A Little Fur in the Paint said...

Sounds so good! Love your blog...I'm a new follower!

Peri said...

Well, it sure looks like you have been busy! The deer painting is interesting and like you said, it is a learning process...actually it looks a lot better than some I have turned out!! I agree about the little birds, but then I think we tend to expect our work to look completely professional because we did it following a professional...not so easy after all. I will attempt the promises. I would leave in the dead tree because it adds some might not be dead in the painting -just completely without leaves! Love your take on mac and tomatoes! I am stealing it!
Good luck with the eyes...hugs back from all who read ya!