Saturday, April 21, 2012

More pictures from the trip...

This week will be mostly images and hopefully not so many words.  Here we go.

Peri and I sat in the observation train for a bit, mostly so I could see what it was like.  What was it like? Noisy.  Wahhhh, I want to go back to our room and watch the scenery.

We always were at the back of everything, but that gives you a different perspective.  I love this house and the shadow of the trees.

Everything still seems very flat.  This looks like a community where there are few secrets. Kind of small town like, if by small town you mean double-wide. ( If you are offended by that reference, you probably shouldn't be here.)  Any way, we are now at the point in the journey where we are about to climb a mountain...
Here is a little version of two pictures that I stitched together in my photo program.  I know I need more practice, but you get the general idea.  It pretty up here.  The air looks fresh and clean and you can see for miles.

Hey, what's going on? These trees are gnarly and scary and the clouds are getting grey. It looks like it just might...

SNOW!!!! We got so excited.  We acted like two fools (acted, I said). I love snow when you can sit back and watch it and not worry about having milk and bread.  Peri hadn't been in a snow storm for quite some time and this one was soooooo pretty.  It got so foggy and snowy that we didn't get to see Donner Lake, but hey, not everyone gets to ride the rails in the snow in April.

Finally we start to come down the mountain

and it's still snowing in Truckee where we stop to drop off some riders. 

Finally moving again, and definitely out of the snow.  We get settled in for more adventure.  This whole way we have had volunteer guides telling us interesting facts over the intercom system, so we are sure to find out some more fun things.

As a final shot and the tease for next week's installment, I know this much is true...

You sure don't see this at home.

Well, that's it for today.  No one guessed that the secret picture was shot from the last car on the train, so I guess the gift goes to Peri.  Happy Birthday, Sis. Your gift will soon be on it's way.

See you next week for pictures of when things get rocky!


Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Great pics, Peachy! Oh how you made me giggle with your "small town" comment. If someone is offended by that, might I suggest to them an enema to loosen up a bit. Life's too short to be that uptight. :> )

Looking forward to more photos.

Peri said...

I was really pleased with the Sierra Nevada portion of the trip..the scenery was very pretty and I truly liked the snow. I think most of us believe snow is better to watch than to drive in...Amtrak in general is a pleasant way to travel..even if sometimes one gets hugged by strangers! Can barely wait for my gift!!

Nezzy said...

I'm so very thrilled that you and Peri got to 'ride the rails'. What a beautiful way to see the sights.

Adore your 'double~wide' statement! Heeehehehehe!!! You girls must of had a blast!

God bless and 'can't wait for more!!!

Have a fab day sweetie!!! :o)